Their Own Words: Perspectives of Project Interchange Participants

AJC Project Interchange brings global opinion leaders and policy makers to Israel for customized, high-level educational experiences. Hear directly from participants on how their trip to Israel changed their understanding and created a lasting impact on their lives. 

“This has been one of the most fantastic opportunities I have had, and the experience will have a life-long impact professionally and personally.”

Susan Thomas, PR and Communications Manager, Archdiocese of Chicago, U.S. Christian Leaders


“I will use everything I gained literally every day….” 

Dave O’Guinn, Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Indiana University Bloomington, Deans and Vice Presidents of Student Life


“There is a huge opportunity to mutually collaborate with Israel. …for any economy of the world seeking growth and advancement, Israel is the best fit for the purpose.”

Olushola Obikanye, Group Head, Agric & Solid Minerals, Sterling Bank of Nigeria African Business Leaders


“...we in the DEI space must work to better integrate the Jewish community into the marginalized community space with zero tolerance for antisemitism.”

Juan Otero, Senior Vice President, Comcast Corporation, Latino Political Influencers 


“...Regardless of where I was, I truly felt God in this space and I appreciated the various opportunities for interfaith peace building.” 

Cairo Eubanks, CEO, Bringing the Globe, U.S. Muslim Leaders


“I was struck by the sheer diversity of Jewish people which evaporated any stereotypes I wasn't even aware I had before coming to Israel.”

Kyung Yoon, President, Korean American Community Foundation, Asian American Civic Leaders


“This has been a profoundly impactful experience on all levels, challenging assumptions I've had on professional, personal, and policy levels.” 

Kenrick Ross, Executive Director, National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance


“ my work at Twitter and work as an investor, I am committed to exploring ways to deepen my professional relationships in order to create opportunities to engage long-term on policy and innovation.”

Wifredo "Wifi" Fernandez, Head of US State and Local Public Policy, Twitter, Miami Tech Entrepreneurs


”It was an enlightening experience that will certainly shape my political action on the Middle East.” 

Loránt Vincze, Member of European Parliament, Romania, MEPS and European Diplomats