AJC Urges Government, Civil Society to Act on QAnon Antisemitism
American Jewish Committee (AJC), in a new position paper on QAnon, is urging government and civil society to strongly respond to the group’s antisemitic pronouncements and conspiracy theories. “In a time of rising antisemitism and growing distrust and division in the United States, the QAnon worldview must be condemned in the strongest terms,” said Holly Huffnagle, AJC U.S. Director for Combating Antisemitism, who wrote the AJC position paper
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Radicalism & Extremism

A Bomb in Argentina: ‘The Jewish community is standing and fighting.'
AJC will broadcast a historic conversation with Argentine President Alberto Fernández as somber commemorations mark the 26th anniversary of the bombing of the Argentine Israeli Mutual Association building, or AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires – the deadliest antisemitic attack since the Holocaust.

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AJC Commends Governor Mike Parson for Signing Anti-BDS Bill into Law
“This law is about trade not politics, and it has the potential to create jobs and economic growth for Missourians, Palestinians and Israelis,” said American Jewish Committee (AJC) St. Louis Director Nancy Lisker. “We are grateful for the leadership of Governor Parson and for the dogged determination of its lead sponsors, Senator Dr. Bob Onder and Representative Holly Rehder, for championing this important legislation.”
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Human Rights

The Uyghurs' Plight Is A Humanitarian Crisis. More Must Be Done To Help
“This is one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. The State Department rightly said this is the largest incarceration of any ethnic minority since the Holocaust,” says Nury Turkel, a leader of the Uyghur community in the United States and a newly appointed member of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom.
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