Update on Hamas-Israel War

What to Know About the Pro-Hamas Antisemitic Group “Within Our Lifetime”
Meet Within Our Lifetime - United for Palestine (WOL), the anti-Israel group that hasn’t been afraid to call for the death of Jews.
Meet the Eight American Hostages Still Held By Hamas
Meet the eight Americans still held hostage after thousands of Hamas terrorists breached the border between Israel and Gaza intent on terrifying and destroying the Jewish state.
What the State Department’s National Security Memorandum Said, and Didn't Say, About Israel’s Defensive War Against Hamas
On May 10, the Biden administration released a report assessing Israel’s conduct amid the ongoing war Israel-Hamas war.
The 46-page State Department report, formally known as the National Security Memorandum 20, was ordered by President Biden earlier this year to verify whether seven different countries - including Israel – adhere to international law in their use of U.S.-made weapons.
What You Need to Know About the ICC and the Israel-Hamas War
Adding another dangerous twist to the Israel-Hamas War and its impact, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has announced he is simultaneously seeking arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, along with three leaders of the genocidal terror group Hamas.
Seven Months In: What Israelis Think About the War Against Hamas, Campus Antisemitism in America, and More
Jacob Magid, U.S. Bureau Chief for the Times of Israel, provides his take on Israel's efforts to destroy Hamas in Gaza, the U.S-Israel relations, the anti-Israel campus protests, the Israeli public’s reaction to rising antisemitism abroad, and the challenges he has faced as a journalist since October 7.
Unilaterally Declaring Palestine a State will Torpedo Peace Prospects
Two initiatives that claim to help the Palestinian people are currently making waves at the UN. Both support the unilateral and unconditional advancement of Palestinian statehood. Sadly, if successful, these resolutions would have the opposite effect, setting back the fulfillment of Palestinian national aspirations.
On MSNBC, AJC CEO Ted Deutch Discusses Recent Israel Trip, Iran Threat, U.S.-Israel Ties, and More
In an interview this morning on MSNBC, AJC CEO Ted Deutch addressed several critical issues about Israel’s mission to rescue the hostages and ensure that Hamas cannot carry out another 10/7 attack.
What You Need to Know About Israel’s Humanitarian Aid To Gaza
By air, land, and sea. That’s how Israel and its allies have tried to sidestep Hamas terrorists in Gaza "to flood the area with supplies" for Palestinian civilians. Here's everything you need to know about Israel's humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Everything You Need to Know About Rafah, Its Importance to Hamas, and Protecting Its Civilian Population
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that Hamas terrorists remaining in the southern Gaza city of Rafah will be the next objective of the war. As long as Hamas operates from Rafah, Israelis are in danger of rocket fire and a reoccurrence of October 7.
Hamas' Most Horrific Weapon of War: 5 Takeaways from UN Report on Sexual Violence Against Israelis
The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict has issued a report validating the heinous and sadistic crimes committed against women during the October 7 terror attacks and against hostages held by Hamas since that day.
152 Days Later: What the Mother of Hostage Edan Alexander Wants the World to Know
“Listen to me, Edan. I'm here. I'm with you. I love you. Just protect yourself. Just be safe.” These were the last words Yael Alexander spoke to her then-19 year old son, Edan, on the morning of October 7, 2023. Edan was later taken hostage by Hamas terrorists. Yael joins us from her New Jersey home to tell her story.
Antisemitism is Happening in San Diego. You Can Help Stop It.
Sometimes the rest of the world feels far away here in San Diego. We watch the crises across the globe and would like to think “no, not here, we’re not affected.” If only that was the case with antisemitism, which knows no boundaries. And in communities where antisemitism has been left to rage unchecked, all of society suffers.

Confronting the Scourge of Antisemitism
In recent years, the U.S. has witnessed a troubling resurgence of antisemitism, echoing a dark chapter in history the world vowed never to repeat.
The State of Antisemitism in America 2023 Report released by the American Jewish Committee, provides a sobering assessment of the challenges facing Jewish communities in Indiana and around the country.
What is Known About Israeli Hostages Taken by Hamas
How many hostages does Hamas have? What hostages are being released today? And have any Israeli hostages been released? Here is what is known about the people taken hostage on October 7, the history of Hamas’ hostage-taking, and how Israel has responded in the past.
Tough Questions About Gaza Answered
The Gaza Strip is a 141-square-mile Palestinian enclave located near Israel’s southwestern tip. After the Israeli withdrawal in 2005, the coastal territory has been under the control of the Iran-backed Hamas terrorist group. Hamas has launched several significant attacks against Israel from its base in Gaza, including in 2008, 2009, 2014, 2021, and most recently the Israel-Hamas War on October 7, 2023, when Hamas terrorists murdered over 1,200 Israelis, wounded over 12,000, took 134 hostages, and thousands of rockets.
What is Students for Justice in Palestine, the Hamas-supporting Anti-Israel Group Being Banned on College Campuses?
Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is an anti-Zionist student organization in America that has been responsible for numerous recent anti-Israel protests on college campuses across the country.
Antisemitism Cannot Be Business As Usual for Jews
In Philadelphia, we are all too aware of how antisemitism has affected Jews, especially since Oct. 7, when Hamas terrorists attacked Israel and slaughtered more than 1,200 innocent civilians and kidnapped 240 men, women, children and babies.
Rise in Antisemitism is Alarming, But There Is Hope In How to Fight It
For many Jews, our world was already an unsettling place rife with Jew-hatred prior to the October 7 Hamas-led massacre in Israel. As we’ve seen time and time again, when tensions spike in the Middle East, a spike in antisemitism accompanies it in the U.S. and around the world.
Israel is Far From Being Isolated
Ominous headlines about the Israel-Hamas war, antisemitic condemnations from world leaders and South Africa’s outrageous genocide allegations before the International Court of Justice could easily lead one to believe that Israel is isolated on the world stage.
AJC CEO Ted Deutch Op-ed | The Numbers Are Scary But There’s an Opportunity to Fight Antisemitism
We have a national antisemitism crisis, and it affects Jews every day — on the streets, at school, at work, online and everywhere in between.