"It is Hamas that started this conflict. It is Hamas that month after month refuses to accept proposals to release hostages and pause fighting. It is Hamas that continues to endanger Israeli and Palestinian lives. 

President Biden should not take steps that could impair Israel’s ability to prevent Hamas from attacking it again and again -- as its leaders have promised. The U.S. knows that defeating Hamas is critical to Israel’s long-term security and to defeating the global threat posed by the Iranian regime and its proxies.

Over the past week, Hamas has stolen humanitarian aid from Palestinians and fired rockets from Rafah at a humanitarian zone, killing four Israelis and preventing humanitarian aid from entering Gaza. With thousands of Hamas terrorists still in Rafah, Israel must be able to prevent 10/7 from happening again.

The protection of civilians during conflict is vital, and we encourage the U.S. to continue working with Israel to ensure the safety of civilians." 

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