Government Officials and Diplomats

French Civic Leader Combats Antisemitism | Project Interchange
Amine El Khatmi formed a new political party, Printemps Républicain, in late 2019, identifying the fight against rising antisemitism as a core tenet of the party.
Project Interchange Alumni Lead Transatlantic Friends of Israel | Project Interchange
When parliamentarians travel to Israel with Project Interchange, they receive an unfiltered view of the realities on the ground. Five alumni have turned that experience into action, the Transatlantic Friends of Israel (TFI) created by AJC’s Transatlantic Institute.
Germany's “Antisemitism Czar” Wants Banks to Boot Antisemitic BDS Groups | Project Interchange
The Jerusalem Post reports on the work of Project Interchange alumnus Felix Klein.
Project Interchange’s Sixth Delegation of UN Ambassadors in Israel | Project Interchange
Project Interchange’s delegation of Ambassadors to the UN reflect in The Jerusalem Post upon their experiences in Israel, their perceptions of UN votes, and opportunities for Israel within UN-member countries.
European Parliament Members Including Project Interchange Alumni Condemn Hamas | Project Interchange
The European Union has often condemned Israel in one-sided statements that favor the Palestinians, ignoring the context of Israeli actions and without condemning Palestinian terror attacks on Israel.
Bipartisan Delegation of California State Legislators Experience “Eye-Opener” Visit to Israel with Project Interchange | Project Interchange
California’s $2.5-trillion economy presents an unparalleled opportunity for Israel to expand its ties in the United States in a mutually beneficial capacity.
Equity, Democracy, and Entrepreneurship, A View on Israel’s Successes | Project Interchange
José Manuel Restrepo, Project Interchange alumnus and Colombia’s incoming Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism writes in El Espectador about Israel’s success in innovation and nation-building, and lessons that can be learned by Colombia.
U.S. Mayors Bond with Israel | Project Interchange
Following AJC's successful “Mayors United Against Antisemitism” initiative, Project Interchange led its second bipartisan delegation to Israel of American mayors.
Government Officials and Diplomats | Project Interchange
Our nonpartisan delegations of government officials and diplomats inform policy decisions and advance mutually-beneficial partnerships.
Overview of One Day in Israel with EU Diplomats and Members of the EU Parliament | Project Interchange
Daniel Schwammenthal, Director, AJC Transatlantic Institute's first person account of one day in the EU Diplomats and Members of the EU Parliament visit to Israel.