This Hanukkah, we hear from Rabbi Yael Buechler, a writer, educator, entrepreneur, and Hanukkah merch maven. She’s also a Hanukkah historian who has tracked how the festival of lights helped reinvent Jewish culture in America and how it became a gift-giving occasion alongside Christmas. Rabbi Beuchler joins us to discuss how American Jews can take advantage of the marketplace to express their Jewish pride authentically during the Hanukkah season, despite increasing antisemitism–with inflatable menorahs, dreidel nail decals, holiday pajamas, and more.

Also, hear from listeners on the Hanukkah traditions they are finding meaning in this year.

*The views and opinions expressed by guests do not necessarily reflect the views or position of AJC.

Episode Lineup:

  • (0:00) Jessica Bernton
  • (1:52) Listener Hanukkah Voicemails
  • (3:28) Rabbi Yael Buechler

Show Notes:

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Please Stop Rebranding Christmas Items for Hanukkah by Rabbi Yael Bucheler

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