In America today we are faced with the rise of extremism at both ends of the political spectrum. This week, we examine the interplay between progressive groups and American Jews, who are being increasingly excluded and targeted by so-called progressives, especially over ties to Israel, the Middle East’s only liberal democracy. David Baddiel, Comedian, Author, Screenwriter, and Television Presenter; Rachel Fish, Co-Founder, Boundless; and Yair Rosenberg, Contributing Writer, The Atlantic, delve into this important topic in a thought-provoking conversation, recorded live at AJC Global Forum 2022.

The episode opens with short interviews featuring AJC Global Forum 2022 participants about their top highlights.

Episode Lineup:

  • (0:40) Manya on the Street: Live from Global Forum 2022
  • (3:54) David Baddiel, Rachel Fish, Yair Rosenberg

Show Notes:

AJC Global Forum 2022 Sessions referenced in the episode:

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