This piece originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

To the editor: Columnist Nick Goldberg provides a stark reminder that antisemitism from right-wing bigots is alive and well. The vitriolic emails he received are jarring and disturbing, but hardly surprising.

Sadly, however, it must be noted that antisemitism is not confined solely to the right. Equally as pernicious, and perhaps even more so because it is less overt, antisemitism also infects some on the left.

When leaders of mainstream movements, like two former heads of the Women’s March, praise and embrace Louis Farrakhan, or when a whole cast of left-wing academics and students that follow them proclaim that Zionists are racists, we must call this out as antisemitism too.

Scott A. Edelman and Richard S. Hirschhaut, Los Angeles

The writers are, respectively, president and director of the American Jewish Committee Los Angeles.

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