AJC praised President Obama for signing the Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act, which was adopted unanimously by the Senate and House of Representatives.

“In the fight against Hezbollah, a longstanding leader in global terrorism, the bipartisan alignment between the administration and Congress is vital,” said Jason Isaacson, AJC Associate Executive Director for Policy.

“Hezbollah is not just a global terrorist organization that has murdered Americans, Israelis, Syrians and citizens of other nations,” said Isaacson. “Hezbollah’s drug business, money laundering, and other criminal activities are critical for funding its terrorism.”

The new law seeks to “prevent Hezbollah’s global logistics and financial network from operating in order to curtail funding of its domestic and international activities, and utilize all available diplomatic, legislative, and executive avenues to combat the global criminal activities of Hezbollah as a means to block that organization’s ability to fund its global terrorist activities.”

Under the new law, the President will issue regulations prohibiting or imposing strict conditions on U.S. accounts used by foreign financial institutions that facilitate transactions with Hezbollah.

The law also provides for monitoring Hezbollah’s TV station, al-Manar, and taking action against satellite, broadcast, Internet, or other providers that work with al-Manar.

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