The Sawaed family, a Bedouin tribe that has shown unwavering support for Israel and its security despite enduring the loss of 18 family members in the line of duty, received the prestigious Moral Courage Award from American Jewish Committee (AJC). Multiple members of the Sawaed family have served in Israeli security services, driven by their identity as Israeli citizens and their belief in equal rights and responsibilities. During the AJC Global Forum 2023 in Tel Aviv, Trad and Mustafa Sawaed shared their experiences, emphasizing the duty they feel to protect the security of Israel and the unity they share with their Jewish counterparts. The family's sacrifices, including the kidnapping of Omar Sawaed by Hezbollah and the recent loss of Asil Sawaed, a Border Police officer, have not diminished their commitment. AJC's recognition of their courage and solidarity serves as a powerful symbol of the shared bonds that unite Jews and Bedouins in Israel.

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