AJC Berlin Acting Director Dr. Remko Leemhuis released the following statement after the terrorist attack in Hanau, Germany:

“We are deeply shaken by the events yesterday evening in Hanau. Less than a year after the murder of Kassle’s Municipal President Walter Lübcke, less than six months after the antisemitic terror attack in Halle, and only days after security agencies raided a right-wing terror cell, people have once again been murdered by a racist.

From the outset of discussion on this act, one thing must be made clear: The attack in Hanau is nothing other than an act of terrorism, a racist mass shooting. Moreover, the attack once again makes clear that right-wing extremism and right-wing terrorism have been a growing problem in Germany for years. This massive problem is in part the result of polarized political debates. Words have consequences. This must be made clear to politicians.

The fight against right-wing extremism must be conducted far more decisively. For it to be won, society as a whole must take up the fight. Government measures alone will not suffice.

Our thoughts are with the victims, their family, and friends. AJC stands firmly by your side.”

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