In a world where civil discourse and respect for diverse perspectives are increasingly scarce, Yossi Klein Halevi stands as a shining example. Once a follower of radical ideology, his transformation from a proponent of violence to a proponent of understanding is chronicled in his book Memoirs of a Jewish Extremist. Today, Halevi is a renowned figure in Israeli-Arab dialogue, Muslim-Jewish relations, and Israel-Diaspora connections. Through acclaimed works like “Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor” and “Like Dreamers,” he captures the complexities and vibrancy of Israel. Halevi's commitment to open conversation, while staying true to his own values, makes him an inspiration, particularly for young Jews seeking bold and thoughtful leadership. In a special plenary session, Frances Geller, AJC's Sophie and Bernard Gould Leaders for Tomorrow (LFT) program alumna, interviewed Yossi Klein Halevi, where he provided a unique opportunity to delve into his insights and experiences.

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