American Jewish Committee (AJC) created a suite of resources and action items to help those inside and outside the Jewish community better understand and combat the antisemitic hatred on display in American society in recent weeks. 

AJC’s goal is to ensure that all U.S. Jews and our allies are empowered to not only speak out, but to take action. 

What AJC is Doing: 

  • Every day, around the world, AJC works with elected officials; law enforcement; and business, civic, and faith leaders and educates them on how to spot, confront, and stamp out Jew-hatred. 

  • Recently, AJC has worked with corporations, talent agencies, and sports and entertainment entities, including Universal Music Group and Creative Artists Agency (who formally worked with “Ye,” and has since dropped the rapper) to provide antisemitism training and facilitated discussion.

  • AJC's Call to Action, a nonpartisan society-wide guide to combating antisemitism in America, has been disseminated across a broad range of leadership sectors and provides a road map to help local leaders address anti-Jewish hate in their communities.


  1. What Dave Chappelle's SNL Monologue Got Right and Wrong About Kanye, Kyrie, and Antisemitism in America: No matter one’s take on comedian Dave Chappelle’s monologue on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and his jokes about Kanye West and Kyrie Irving's antisemitism, it’s important to understand why some of his remarks were problematic.

  2. 5 of Kanye West’s Antisemitic Remarks, Explained: Here’s everything you need to know to answer questions about why what the rapper and fashion mogul known as “Ye” said are antisemitic and dangerous to Jews. 

  3. Unpacking the Origins of Kanye West’s Antisemitism: In this podcast episode from AJC’s People of the Pod, AJC’s U.S. Director for Combating Antisemitism Holly Huffnagle breaks down the sources of the antisemitic hate that Ye spread on Fox News and social media.

  4. AJC CEO Ted Deutch on MSNBC’s Symone Sanders’ Show: In this interview, Deutch warns about the impact that increasing antisemitic rhetoric will have on Jews in America.

  5. Instagram Video on Kanye West’s Antisemitism: This social media video quickly and clearly explains the hatred behind Ye’s antisemitic comments.

  6. Deconstructing NBA Star Kyrie Irving’s Antisemitic Uproar: Get caught up on the weeklong saga that began with the basketball player sharing an antisemitic documentary on Twitter and ended with a five-game suspension.

  7. Instagram video on Kyrie Irving’s Sharing of an Antisemitic Film: This social media video concisely explains why the documentary shared by Irving is antisemitic.

  8. Who Are the Black Hebrew Israelites? Just who are the Black Hebrew Israelites who chanted "We are the real Jews" on the night basketball star Kyrie Irving returned to the court? And why are some of their beliefs problematic?

  9. 10 Tough Questions on Antisemitism Explained: One of AJC’s most requested resources, this explainer tackles the tough and most-frequently asked questions about Jew-hatred today.

  10. Understanding the Origins of Antisemitism: From the Greco-Roman period to medieval times to the USSR, modern-day and everything in-between, here's a look back at the historical progression of the world’s most ancient hatred. 

  11. AJC's Translate Hate Glossary: Stopping antisemitism starts with understanding it. Use AJC’s Translate Hate glossary of more than 40 terms to learn how to expose Jew-hatred. Important terms for recent antisemitic comments: control, greed, "not the real Jews", and conspiracy theory

Next Steps

Here are a few key ways you and your community can address antisemitism.

  1. Action alerts:

    1. Urge Amazon to remove the antisemitic film and book touted by NBA star Kyrie Irving: As of November 10, 2022, this book is still atop Amazon’s best-seller list and the documentary is still available to rent. 

    2. Call on all members of Congress to make combating antisemitism a priority: Join AJC in urging all members of Congress to send a powerful message against hate. Only when our nation’s leaders speak out against antisemitism and stand in solidarity with the Jewish community can we change the way the American public understands and combats antisemitism. 

  2. Test your knowledge: Take AJC’s Translate Hate Quiz to learn about antisemitism so that you can become a more well-informed advocate against hate.

  3. Play your part: Read AJC’s Call To Action Against Antisemitism in America to learn how you, and all factions of society, can play an active role in addressing anti-Jewish hate at home.

Questions? Get in touch with AJC. Email: 


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