In a special video address to AJC Global Forum 2024, Israeli President Isaac Herzog thanked American Jewish Committee (AJC) advocates and experts for their unwavering support of Israel on and since October 7. President Herzog emphasized the important work AJC has done for over a century not only protecting Jews against antisemitism, but protecting the entire free world against corrosive hatred. He thanked the global Jewish community for stepping up to support Israel in the face of fierce anti-Israel sentiment that has emerged since October 7 as well as the threats posed by Iran and its terror proxies. 

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This was Israeli President Herzog's second straight appearance at AJC Global Forum. Last year, at AJC Global Forum 2023 in Tel Aviv, he joined AJC CEO Ted Deutch to discuss judicial reform, Israel-Diaspora relations, the importance of the Abraham Accords, and how the next generation is meeting the moment for the Jewish people.

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