Articles by Noam Marans

To Christian Leaders: Your Jewish Neighbors Need You
To those who failed to see our pain, please reconsider. For most Jews, this is the most vulnerable moment of their lifetimes
The Earth Is the Lord’s. Why Won’t We Take Care of It?
This Earth Day is a true moment of opportunity. There are political and economic developments that indicate we are on the cusp of renewed world leadership in the climate crisis. We must seize the day, galvanize humanity, and hold political leaders accountable regarding reduction of carbon emissions, prevention of deforestation, and more to restrain and reverse undeniably catastrophic global warming.
Capitol Invaded - We Mourn, We Praise: A Prayer
Rabbi Noam E. Marans, American Jewish Committee (AJC) Director of Interreligious and Intergroup Relations wrote a prayer in the aftermath of the riots attacking the U.S. Capitol.
I Spoke To Nick Cannon About Antisemitism. This Is What I Learned.
I did not know who Nick Cannon was until he said horribly hurtful things about my people. I now know that he is a very big celebrity, and enormous numbers of people listen to and respect him — that unlike some people who say hurtful things, he is not someone who can simply be dismissed. More important, there was the possibility that something good could emerge from engaging with him — and it has.
Race Amity: A Jewish Perspective
American Jewish Committee — AJC, the Jewish leader in intergroup relations for 114 years — was fortunate to represent the Jewish people in the June 14 Race Amity Day Celebration. We were asked to craft a Jewish message for all peoples in the spirit of E Pluribus Unum, Out of Many, One, a call that would “bring people together instead of apart during these trying times.” This is an expansion of that Jewish message, delivered on Race Amity Day.
Coronavirus Will Be Unwelcome Guest As Jews Celebrate Passover While Social Distancing
The coronavirus, like an unwelcome and uninvited guest reminiscent of the biblical plagues of the Exodus, will force the most-observed annual Jewish ritual experience, the Seder, to be practiced very differently.
A Way to Celebrate Light in the Darkness
We are seeing that in the response to the deadly Coronavirus. American Jewish Committee’s #BeAMensch initiative celebrates that essential humanity, by telling the stories of menschen, good people. The tales of goodness, even greatness, inspire us.
How the Infamous Oberammergau Passion Play is Evolving
The Oberammergau Passion Play, performed decennially in Germany’s Bavaria since 1634, was, until relatively recently, believed to be irredeemably antisemitic.
Four ways for all Americans to keep antisemitism from becoming the new normal
Antisemitism endangers not only Jews but the societies in which they live. Thankfully, this American society is not prepared to be passive in the face of antisemitism and other forms of hate.
The Massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh: A #ShowUpForShabbat Reflection
Now, as American Jews, we are confronting the reality that we dreaded and feared—it could happen here. We are mourning the loss of American Jewish innocence.
The Presbyterian Church has been hijacked by anti-Israel activists
Since 2004, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has engaged in a biennial ritual of obsessive, relentless anti-Israel demonization. The church’s upcoming General Assembly in St. Louis will be no exception.
On Luther and His Lies
As the Reformation's 500th anniversary nears, Christians are contending with Luther's violently anti-Jewish writings.
What’s Past Is Prologue: a Jewish Reflection on Charlottesville
When Jews confront the present and prepare for the future, they are always mindful of the past.
When torch-bearing neo-Nazi white supremacists chant, “Jews will not replace us,” and a threatening contingent move on to a Charlottesville synagogue, the low points of American Jewish history flash before our eyes.
How Pope Francis is Building on 50 Years of Jewish-Catholic Entente
A very popular Pope Francis is coming to America. He’ll be receiving a lot of justifiable attention, as he does everywhere he goes and every time he delivers his message of inclusiveness.
Exclusive AJC eBook - The Pope Francis Effect and Catholic-Jewish Relations
In evaluating the trajectory of Catholic-Jewish Relations in the Pope Francis era, one picture is worth a
thousand words. Pope Francis has identified Marc Chagall’s White Crucifixion as one of his favorite paintings.2 In the aftermath of Kristallnacht in 1938, when hundreds of European synagogues were torched, foreshadowing greater evil yet to come, Chagall artistically interpreted the threat of Nazism within the continuum of antisemitism.