As antisemitism persists on both political extremes, are moderate forces strong enough to steer us in the right direction? Can lawmakers actually reach across the aisle in today’s political climate? James Carville, Democratic strategist and political icon, and Leslie Sanchez, a Republican strategist and award-winning political commentator, joined AJC Managing Director, Policy and Political Affairs Julie Fishman Rayman in a discussion about the state of U.S. politics today at AJC Global Forum 2022. The two explained how rising extremism in both parties affects critical issues like Israeli security and antisemitism. They also weighed in on the importance of talking to voters in their own language - as opposed to national talking points. 

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  • (0:40) The Forgotten Exodus Teaser Trailer
  • (2:42) Julie Fishman Rayman, James Carville, Leslie Sanchez

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