The Latino Jewish Leadership Council (LJLC) strongly denounces yesterday's horrific stabbing attack at a Rabbi's home in Monsey, NY during Chanukah, the Jewish festival of lights. The group is appalled by the epidemic of antisemitic attacks in the New York region. In the last week alone, there has been at least one each day.

Since its establishment in January 2017, the LJLC has repeatedly denounced the rise of antisemitic, anti-Latino and other hateful rhetoric that has too often infected our nation’s political discourse. We have also urged swift and firm measures against the increase in hate crimes from different ideological quarters.

At this critical juncture, we expect strong words and actions from federal, local and state officials. A zero-tolerance policy must consider each antisemitic incident seriously, whatever its source, in order to prevent future despicable hate crimes against Jews.

Antisemitic violence is growing both in the US and in many parts of Europe and this should be of great concern not only to Jewish communities but to everyone who cares about the health of democratic and inclusive societies.  History teaches us that attacks, motivated by hatred, start by targeting a specific ethnicity, religion or community, and then metastasize and end up harming our broader society. Therefore, we cannot remain indifferent before this concerning trend which seeks to normalize and mainstream antisemitism in all its forms.

Convened by AJC, the Latino Jewish Leadership Council brings together 40 prominent leaders from both communities to further strengthen Latino-Jewish cooperation in advocating for issues of shared concern and values cherished by both communities.

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