Top 5 Things To Do

  1. SHARE SHARE SHARE AJC posts to your feeds. Sharing the facts and the reliable and truthful content we are producing is the single most impactful thing you can do on social media right now. This is an information war of attrition. If you are not on social media, just go to to keep track of all of AJC’s communications on social media.
  2. Make a statement. Post images from AJC’s social media graphics gallery ( to Facebook, X(Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn to flood these platforms with shareable and factual graphics on Hamas, Israel, and antisemitism.
  3. Comment on posts that you think others should see and/or tag a friend who you think should see. This boosts visibility and signals to Facebook, X(Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn that this post is important.
  4. “Like” posts you want to see more of in your own social media newsfeed. This will encourage the platforms to show you similar accounts and content that you can share with others.
  5. Find allies and let them know how important their support is via comments or messages. Personal outreach carries a lot of weight and shows how much you value their voice.

Top 5 Things NOT To Do

  1. Do not tolerate hate speech, fake news, targeted harassment, or content that encourages or glorifies violence. REPORT REPORT REPORT it. Use this liberally. You are not penalized for reporting accounts. Go to for instructions.
  2. Do not engage with trolls. This will further increase the reach of their content. A troll is someone who deliberately tries to cause offense in order to upset others or provoke them into making angry comments in return. By not engaging or commenting, you take away their power.
  3. Do not post before fact checking. We want to demonstrate we provide honest and truthful information and sources. for facts.
  4. Do not dwell on things out of your control like the algorithms or bots – AJC’s social media team is up to date with best practices and taking appropriate actions.
  5. Do not interact with accounts that make you uncomfortable. The hate speech, fake news, and other unsavory content you may be exposed to doesn’t have any right to be shown to you if you don’t want it. You can go to any account profile to find the option to block them.