American Jewish Committee (AJC) is deeply disappointed by the adoption today of a UN General Assembly resolution granting the purported Palestinian state additional rights and privileges within the UN system. This unwise resolution violates existing Israeli-Palestinian agreements and further complicates efforts to resume the peace process.

The Palestinian Authority does not satisfy the traditional criteria for statehood, including control over a defined territory, a permanent population, and an effective government. The war between Israel and Hamas underscores that the Palestinian Authority does not control the Gaza Strip, although Gaza is presumed as part of the supposed Palestinian state.

Palestinian attempts to acquire attributes of statehood outside the negotiating process violate existing Israeli-Palestinian agreements, which clearly state that permanent status issues are subject to agreement between the parties. When international actors affirm these attempts, it actually undermines Israeli-Palestinian peace-building.

The endorsement of a Palestinian state on unilateral Palestinian terms will make it more difficult for the two parties to negotiate and compromise in the future. Furthermore, the UN's endorsement of Palestinian unilateral statehood will set a dangerous precedent regarding domestic and international tensions in other countries and regions.

On October 7, under cover of heavy rocket attacks against Israeli civilian centers, thousands of fighters from the Iranian-backed Hamas terror group infiltrated Israel. They began a rampage of rape, torture, and murder against civilians living in communities along the Israeli-Gaza border and other civilians who happened to be in the area. More than 1,200 people were killed and more than 4,000 injured. The overwhelming majority of the victims were civilians. More than 240 people were kidnapped and taken hostage, of whom more than 130 still remain captive.  Today’s resolution sends the message to Hamas and other terrorist organizations around the world that extremist violence is an effective tool for political change.

AJC thanks the nine UN member states that voted against this resolution; Argentina, Czechia, Hungary, Israel, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, and the United States. We have long championed a negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute and a horizon for Palestinian self-determination. We continue to maintain that the only practical and acceptable way to resolve this longstanding conflict is through direct talks between the parties.


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