It is more than intolerably ironic that Moshava, an Israeli owned food company, has been excluded from an event designed to celebrate diversity. The exclusion on its face not only gives the lie to the claim of celebrating all of Philadelphia’s diversity, but it violates federal, state, and local public accommodation laws banning discrimination in places of public accommodation, such as Taste of Home.

We call on the relevant civil rights authorities to investigate, and if the facts are confirmed, insist on appropriate remedial measures.

We likewise call on the political and civic leadership of Philadelphia – and of Pennsylvania more broadly – to unhesitatingly condemn the decision to exclude Moshava. Silence in the face of such a blatant act of discrimination constitutes acquiescence and endorsement.

Finally, if it is true that the organizers of the event excluded Moshava because of threats of violence, an investigation by the appropriate criminal law enforcement authorities is in order to determine who was responsible for those threats, and whether those threats were themselves criminal acts. If crimes were committed, prosecutions are in order.

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