AJC, the global Jewish advocacy organization, is urging governments worldwide to condemn unequivocally Palestinian terrorist attacks in Jerusalem, and to press the Palestinian Authority to make every effort to deter, rather than incite, further assaults.

“Hamas rockets and missiles may be quiet for the moment, but Palestinian individuals, affiliated with terrorist organizations, are using other methods to kill and maim,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris.

A Palestinian drove a van into groups of people at two light rail stops in Jerusalem today, killing one person and injuring more than a dozen. Two weeks ago, another Palestinian drove a car into a group, killing two pedestrians, including a three-month old baby at a light rail stop. And, Yehuda Glick, an Israeli political and religious activist, was seriously wounded in a shooting attack by a Palestinian on a Jerusalem street.

“Whatever the alleged 'political' motivations, such terrorist attacks would not be tolerated by any UN member state against their own citizens,” said Harris. “Astonishingly, PA President Mahmoud Abbas lauded the Palestinian who shot Glick, and to date has said nothing against the other terror attacks. To the contrary, he has resorted to incitement. Is this the language of a reliable peace partner with whom Israel is to pursue a two-state accord?”

“Indeed, Abbas dangerously changed the discourse at the UN in September, when he outrageously charged Israel with committing 'genocide,' drawing a strong rebuke from the United States,” Harris continued. “Now, his uncompromising, threatening rhetoric regarding Jerusalem encourages those who, as we have seen in recent days, seek harm and violence. Who will stand up to condemn his stance? Such incendiary behavior must not be met by silence or rationalization in those countries that profess an interest in seeking to advance prospects for peace.”

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