New Videos from Jewish Celebrities and Influencers Call on the Public to Use their Voices to Combat Antisemitism

American Jewish Committee (AJC) today released its inaugural Voices Against Antisemitism campaign featuring Jewish celebrities and influencers, which highlights the impact Hamas’ October 7 massacre in Israel has had on American Jews.

The new campaign, centered around six powerful videos, is AJC’s latest initiative that dives into the state of antisemitism in America and humanizes what it feels like to experience antisemitism. Just as Israelis face threats to their safety and security on multiple fronts, so too do Jews around the world. AJC is working to ensure that the antisemitic hate propagated by Iran and its terror proxies isn’t allowed to spread. 

AJC’s Voices Against Antisemitism emphasizes the increase of antisemitism in the form of anti-Zionism, underscores the urgency of bringing hostages home, and advocates for standing in solidarity with Israel.

The videos feature actor Ginnifer Goodwin, actor Jennifer Jason Leigh, award-winning chef Eitan Bernath, comedian and actor Modi Rosenfeld, comedian and actor Elon Gold, recording artist Moshe Reuven, actor Jonah Platt, influencer and pro-Israel activist Lizzy Savetsky, motivational speaker and author Brandon Farbstein, media personality Ariel Martin, model and former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan, and kosher food influencer Gabriel Boxer.

In reflecting on what it’s like to be Jewish in America after October 7, Ariel Martin says, “I didn’t know how many people hated Jews. The bubble popped for me on October 7.”

On the shared determination to bring home every single hostage being held in Gaza, Jennifer Jason Leigh notes, “There is nothing political or dangerous about saying bring them home now. Nothing.”

And in discussing what Israel means to her, Ginnifer Goodwin states, “We are the people of Israel. No matter where we are, we are all Israel.”

AJC is asking the public to join in taking action by calling for the implementation of the U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism through Congressional passage of the Countering Antisemitism Act; for the U.S to continue and bolster its efforts to bring home the hostages held by Hamas; and by urging the U.S. to continue standing with Israel.

“Being Jewish in America looks a lot different today than it did on October 6, 2023,” said AJC CEO Ted Deutch. “AJC’s Voices Against Antisemitism campaign gives a platform to a Jewish community that is simply asking our neighbors to see the pain we are feeling and recognize the need to combat antisemitism. Fighting antisemitism cannot be just a fight for the Jewish community, and thankfully AJC’s State of Antisemitism in America 2023 Report shows that 9-in-10 Americans recognize that it is on all of us to counter Jew-hatred. I’m hoping that this campaign not only inspires people to join us in taking action, but also empowers them to share their experiences and become a voice against antisemitism in their communities."

The six videos can be viewed here.

Anti-Zionism. Antisemitism. Anti-Jewish hate.

The world is witnessing new modes of antisemitism emerge, and age-old tropes morph, all to cast blame on the Jewish people and the Jewish state. Watch Jennifer Jason Leigh, Elon Gold, Moshe Reuven, Jonah Platt, Lizzy Savetsky, and Ariel Martin push back against all forms of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hate. 


Anti-Zionism as a Form of Antisemitism

Ginnifer Goodwin, Eitan Bernath, Modi Rosenfeld, Lizzy Savetsky, and Ariel Martin sound the alarm on how anti-Zionism – a particularly insidious form of antisemitism – disguises itself as animus toward Israel. 


"They Are Us, We Are Them" – Bring the Hostages Home

On October 7, Hamas terrorists kidnapped 240 Israelis – taking civilians from their homes and a music festival celebrating peace. And for more than six months, over 130 people – babies and grandparents, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers – have been sexually abused, tortured, and starved by terrorists in Gaza. The time to bring them home is now. 


What It’s Like to Be Jewish in America After October 7

AJC’s State of Antisemitism in America 2023 Report revealed that 78% of American Jews who heard about the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel say it made them feel less safe as a Jewish person in the U.S. Watch Ginnifer Goodwin, Jonah Platt, Lizzy Savetsky, Eitan Bernath, Brandon Farbstein, Gabriel Boxer, Moshe Reuven, Ariel Martin, and Modi Rosenfeld discuss the anti-Jewish hate they have faced since October 7 – and how their Jewish pride will outshine and outlast their fear. 


How American Jews Are Confronting Antisemitism After October 7

In the aftermath of Hamas’ October 7 massacre of Israelis, Jews have faced a tidal wave of antisemitism not seen in decades. Ginnifer Goodwin, Jonah Platt, Lizzy Savetsky, Eitan Bernath, Brandon Farbstein, Gabriel Boxer, Moshe Reuven, Ariel Martin, and Modi Rosenfeld explain how the deadliest day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust changed everything. 


What Israel Means to Me

Israel is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people, and a modern haven for Jews across the globe. Lizzy Savetsky, Elon Gold, Gabriel Boxer, Moshe Reuven, Jonah Platt, Ginnifer Goodwin, Eitan Benath, and Brandon Farbstein reflect on the significance of the world’s only Jewish state. 


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