American Jewish Committee (AJC) is horrified by the murders around a kosher market in Jersey City. The two shooters left four people dead, including one police officer. Three of the victims, two members of the Satmar Jewish community and an Ecuadorean immigrant, were inside the store.

“Our deepest condolences go out to the victims and their families. We know such loss to be especially painful as we enter the holiday season and our thoughts are with them,” said Rabbi David Levy, AJC New Jersey Regional Director.

The perpetrators, who died in a firefight with law enforcement, reportedly had antisemitic and anti-police social media posts. The investigation to determine their motivation is ongoing.

“This tragic event reminds us that continued vigilance is essential in this time of a disturbing rise in antisemitic incidents across the country, and here in New Jersey,” said Rabbi Levy. “We are deeply grateful for the swift response by law enforcement, Governor Murphy, Attorney General Grewal and other state and local officials.”

AJC has reached out to the Satmar Jewish community to offer support and express condolences. Rabbi Levy will be present at tonight’s Healing Service in Jersey City to express support for the community.

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