AJC condemned the murderous terror attack on a group of Coptic Christians in Egypt, which left at least 28 dead today on a road south of Cairo.

“The barbaric targeting of Copts in Egypt is frightening in its frequency and intensity. Today’s victims were once again innocent Christians, of all ages, following their faith on a journey to a sacred place of worship,” said AJC CEO David Harris.

“Victory over the terrorists depends, above all, on what Arab and Muslim nations do to counter and defeat this violent, deadly scourge. In that regard, we have confidence that the Egyptian government understands the need and will step up still more its counter-terrorism and other requisite strategies to ensure that Copts, like all Egyptians, can practice their faith without fear.”

Today’s victims were in a bus traveling to a monastery in Minya, about 140 miles south of Cairo. Egypt's Copts, estimated to be approximately ten percent of the country’s population, are the largest Christian community in the Middle East.

Photo By: Nicole Salazar

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