American Jewish Committee (AJC) today thanked Stanford University and the University of Michigan for showing moral clarity and leadership in the wake of Tuesday’s congressional hearing, “Holding Campus Leaders Accountable and Confronting Antisemitism,” during which university presidents from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and University of Pennsylvania asserted that comments calling for the genocide of the Jewish people would not necessarily violate their institutions’ codes of conduct. 

“Today’s simple, straightforward statements from Stanford University and the University of Michigan make it clear that all universities – public and private – can both protect free speech and their Jewish communities. Calling for the genocide of the Jewish people is a clear threat not only to Jewish students but also to a safe, welcoming campus environment for all students, faculty, and staff,” said AJC CEO Ted Deutch. “AJC thanks Stanford and the University of Michigan for their leadership. Every college and university should follow their example. And they should do it today!

“We also welcome the University of Michigan’s announcement of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute to help combat antisemitism and support religious diversity and inclusion. At a time when antisemitism is surging in the United States and around the world, Jewish students need to know that they will be safe and supported on campus.”

Last month, AJC released an Action Plan for University Administrators, which can be found here: Confronting Campus Antisemitism: An Action Plan for University Administrators | AJC


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