After Israel’s Security Cabinet agreed this morning to an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire, Hamas rejected it and continue to fire deadly missiles at Israel.

"If this doesn't highlight in spades the true nature of Hamas, what does?" asked AJC Executive Director David Harris. "It should by now be abundantly clear that this terrorist group isn't remotely interested in peace, compromise, and coexistence. Let's hope that all nations and people of goodwill grasp this stark, unmistakable reality."

The latest military confrontation was triggered by the Hamas kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers, and a barrage of rocket fire from Gaza into Israel.

“To be clear, Israel did not seek this battle, but is duty-bound to protect the lives of its civilians threatened by Hamas, whose aim, pure and simple, is Israel's annihilation,” said Harris.

"We wish to express our appreciation to the government of Egypt for its negotiating efforts, as well as to the United States for its support," Harris concluded. "We would also like to use this occasion to acknowledge those countries whose leaders have had the moral clarity to condemn the brazen Hamas assault, including Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, and the U.S. We have watched in awe as the Iron Dome missile system, created by Israeli ingenuity and vital American assistance, protects Israel's cities and town from Hamas's lethal rockets. And, above all, we applaud the determination of Israel's armed forces and civilian population alike to stand up so courageously and resolutely to the latest round of jihadist-inspired Hamas aggression."

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