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For 70 years, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) has worked across the Middle East and North Africa to build relations with Arab countries and the Muslim world, pursuing a bold vision in which Israel will enjoy peace and cooperation with its Arab neighbors.

AJC has made countless visits to the region, sharing information imparting perspectives, and building trust that could propel our vision for regional integration —opening doors, breaking down misunderstandings, launching programming partnerships, and encouraging greater contact with Israel and the Jewish world.

Today, five Arab countries have active agreements with Israel. AJC is dedicated to assuring that these relationships yield mutual benefits – both for the Middle East and the United States.

The signing of the historic Abraham Accords in 2020 – and the subsequent formation of the Negev Forum - created opportunities for trade, investment, and partnership in a range of fields. While governments and business elites have generally embraced these agreements, their durability, and the prospect of widening the circle of peace will require firm U.S. support and the mobilization of civil and private sector engagement.

Join the AJC Cincinnati regional office, in conjunction with the Cincinnati JCRC – whose mission is to ensure Jewish security and promote justice for all - to undertake efforts to deepen the circle of peace by fostering collaboration between Cincinnati leaders and their counterparts across Israel and the Arab world.

AJC and JCRC hope to advance peace by expanding cooperative people-to-people initiatives in the health, food and water security and clean energy sectors via the Cincinnati Abraham Accords Collective (CAAC). This first-of-its-kind opportunity will position Cincinnati as an innovator for thinking locally and acting globally.

Opportunity for Emerging Cincinnati Civic & Business Leaders

We are thrilled to announce a pilot initiative for 10 emerging leaders from greater Cincinnati’s civic and business community to participate in a multi-day, Cincinnati-based gathering alongside a peer delegation of leaders from Israel and the MENA region. This gathering will serve as a dynamic platform to collaborate, network and explore opportunities for deepening engagement with one another and the greater community.

Details & Timeline 

  • Cincinnati Abraham Accords Collective gathering will occur May 7 - May 9, 2024
  • Applicant Criteria 
    • Emerging leaders (age ~25-45)
    • Currently engaged professionally in the start-up, tech, civic, business, or entrepreneurial ecosystem.
    • Working in the field of health, food, and water security and/or clean energy.
    • Leaders of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
  • Application Deadline: Rolling Applications 
  • Selected Cincinnati delegates notified of participation: February 2024 

Why Should I Apply? 

The Middle East region has experienced steady economic growth in recent years, boasting a strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, its young population and growing consumer base. Many countries in the region are heavily funding infrastructure, technology and energy projects as well as creating business-friendly policies to attract foreign investment.  

At the core of this pilot initiative is building trust, participating in valuable networking opportunities and meeting people from leading fields across Israel and the Arab world. By expanding opportunities for cooperation, exchange, and trade among U.S. and MENA civic and business leaders, you will play a role in helping shape and promote investment, growth and stability in an increasingly interconnected region. 

As a delegate participant from Greater Cincinnati, you will continue to help position the tri-state as an innovator on the global stage, showcasing Cincinnati’s unique value, advancing technologies and building understanding. 

In hopes of fostering long-term relations and impact, the CAAC multi-day gathering taking place from May 7-9, 2024 in Cincinnati will be followed by structured virtual gatherings to maintain collaborations and encourage additional opportunities for delegate interactions.   

By participating in the Cincinnati Abraham Accords Collective, you will have the opportunity to access an international network of leaders as well as spur possibilities that will both enhance your organization, and help promote mutual respect, upward mobility and security in the region.  

We welcome your participation and encourage you to apply.

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