Dear colleagues,   

Many of you have been following the news of the gruesome attacks in Israel by the terrorist group Hamas and will no doubt feel shocked and saddened as we witness the escalating conflict in the region. Our hearts are with all those who lost their lives. We stand with Israel in this time of need and condemn the attacks in the strongest way. 

We recognize this is a very difficult situation for many of our colleagues/employees at [name of the company], who are undoubtedly full of fear and in need of support. Some of them have family and friends in the region. We want them to know that [name of the company] is working to assist them. If you need support, please reach out to our HR department.  

As an organization, we are dedicated to sustaining a culture of care and empathy for all. We support the global call for peace and an end to violence and hatred.

If you would like more resources regarding what is taking place in Israel, and the effect on Jewish communities around the world, you can find them here.  

Finally, we know increased antisemitism follows historical patterns: during Jewish holidays, election cycles, and increased violence in the Middle East. Given the horrific events of October 7, 2023 and Israel’s necessary response, we can anticipate an increase in antisemitism both online and in real-life. American Jewish Committee (AJC) has created a resource on how to prevent antisemitism and ensure the safety and well-being of Jewish (and all) employees.



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