Articles by Steven Bayme

‘Facts On The Ground’ Toward Healing The Rift
Hardly a week passes without a media report concerning the growing chasm between American Jews and Israelis over issues of culture, religion and politics. The recent Israeli elections may aggravate the divide.
Jewish And Christian: Can One Have It Both Ways?
‘I am a wandering Jew, and a very confused Christian.” So writes acclaimed New York Times columnist David Brooks in “The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life,” his newly-published memoir of his spiritual journey designed to assist readers in coping with personal crisis.
Chanukah: Maligned And Restored
A response to an essay in The NY Times: Jews today require a spiritual component, a sense that being a Jew means far more than eating latkes and receiving Chanukah gelt.
Bridging Gaps, Building Peoplehood
American Jewish-Israeli relations usefully may be compared to a pyramid – close at the very top, drifting further and further apart at the foundations.
At 18, YCT A Balance To Rightward Orthodoxy
Over a half-century ago, Dr. Emmanuel Rackman, then considered the “dean” of Modern Orthodox rabbis, delineated two groups causing “ferment in Orthodoxy.”
Israel and American Jewry: Can the rift be healed?
Recent events in Israel have triggered what is arguably the single greatest rift in Israel’s relations with American Jewry since the 1988 controversy.