Articles by Daniel Schwammenthal

The EU Needs to Designate Hezbollah as a Terrorist Organization
Hezbollah is not a normal domestic player that can be reasoned with, moderated, or somehow stirred toward more responsible statecraft through just the right amount of “dialogue.”
Can The UN Finally Cease Its Relentless Anti-Israel Bias?
In an unprecedented initiative, spearheaded by the Transatlantic Friends of Israel, 312 cross-party lawmakers from the European Parliament and national legislatures from EU member states, the U.K., Switzerland, Norway, the U.S., Canada and Israel have urged EU member states and fellow democracies to end the systematic discrimination against Israel at the UN. A Europe that wants to stand for democracy, human rights and the rules-based international order can no longer be complicit in this cynical game, which treats Israel by separate rules and in so doing undermines the UN's very own integrity and efficacy.
Gaza Media Rules
Hamas, the Islamist terrorists ruling Gaza, have turned local street protests into another war against Israel. It’s time, therefore, to dust off this 10-point reporter’s guide for how to correctly cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, useful both for rookies and old hacks who may need a refresher course.
How Biden and Europe Can Confront Iran
The U.S. and its European and Middle Eastern allies have been bitterly divided over how to contain Tehran's nuclear and regional aggression. The incoming Biden administration now has a unique chance to finally build a domestically and internationally united front against the Islamic Republic.
To America, From a Worried European Friend
But why am I, a German Jew living in Brussels, so worried about U.S. domestic affairs? As the adage goes, when America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. Right now America has pneumonia.
It's Time for the E.U. to List Hezbollah as a Terror Organization
In an unprecedented transatlantic initiative, 235 cross-party lawmakers from the European Parliament and national legislatures from 25 EU member states, the U.K., Switzerland, the U.S., Canada and Israel have urged Brussels to list Hezbollah in its entirety as a terror organization.
Europe Must Join the Fight Against the Iranian Regime
European leaders ought to be clearly on the U.S. side on this issue. They should play hardball with Moscow and Beijing and announce diplomatic, if not economic, consequences if the two countries block a new Security Council resolution to extend the arms embargo. Such muscular posturing would also be Europe's best bet to preserve what's left of the JCPOA.
The EU's Approach to Israel: Even-Handed or Heavy-Handed Relations?
The state of the EU-Israel relationship would make an ideal topic for an Oxford Union debate. Cite the fact that the European Union is Israel’s biggest trading partner, that Israel is integrated into many exclusive EU programs, or point out how the “Open Sky” agreement has lowered airfares while boosting tourism between the two sides, and you can convincingly argue that they are the best of partners. But an equally convincing case can be made for the exact opposite motion. Cite the long list of Israel-critical EU statements, the disagreement about the Iranian nuclear deal, and the European public’s negative image of the Jewish state, and it looks like a relationship in crisis.
‘Anti-Zionism’ Threatens Europe’s Jews
‘Anti-Zionism isn’t the same as antisemitism,” we keep hearing. A new study suggests that for Jewish Europeans, the distinction is without a difference.
U.S.-Europe Unity Needed on Iran
With just eight days left before President Trump's deadline to fix or nix the nuclear deal, European negotiators striving to save the JCPOA ought to redouble their efforts now to find common ground with their American counterparts.
Why Are the Europeans So Silent on the Iran Protests?
Europe’s voice has been strangely missing as tens of thousands of Iranians have been protesting for dignity, freedom, and economic survival.
How to Prevent the Next Mideast War
While the European Union’s soft power can’t stop conflicts, it could help prevent the outbreak of a new one—between Israel and Iran, aided by its proxy Hezbollah.
Why Is the West Financing Palestinian Terrorism?
Imagine terrorists who have killed hundreds of people in Europe and the U.S. receiving generous rewards for their crimes.