Articles by Brian Siegal

Use Of Nazi Salutes in Mountain Brook Class Utterly Unacceptable
Trivializing the Holocaust is so dangerous – those are “lessons” imprinted into young minds and shape their entire world view. It is why I was disappointed when I heard students in a Mountain Brook High School class stood in front of an American flag and raised their right hands, in unison, outstretched with palms facing down — the classic Nazi salute. In an American history lesson no less. A Jewish student in the classroom, along with others, refused to do the salute. But when he publicized the incident, he was reprimanded for making the school “look bad.”
Jewish and Asian American Communities Have Aligned Against Hate
Any attempt to defame, stereotype, or assault Asian Americans, or any minority, is inconsistent with American values, writes AJC Miami Director Brian Siegal in a letter to the editor of the Miami Herald.
This Thanksgiving, Talents of All Americans Needed to Confront Hard Challenges. AJC Will Help
This is a defining moment for all who cherish free, democratic societies. We have a real opportunity, indeed an obligation, to defend our values and see the nation’s diversity as a strength, not a weakness. Now is the time to unite to combat hatred in all of its forms and manifestations.
United States Must Stay Globally Engaged
Strong, principled American leadership in global affairs is the best protection for our nation’s interests, the preservation and advancement of democratic values and human dignity, and the security of our closest allies. As we face the coronavirus pandemic and other national security challenges, such as international terrorism and the growing strength of anti-democratic forces, it is critical that the United States stays engaged globally.
We Must Define Antisemitism in Order to Fight It Effectively
Only by defining antisemitism, understanding how it manifests itself in society, confronting hate and bias crimes, and combating all forms of hatred can we uphold our values of democracy, pluralism and mutual respect toward the goal of ensuring the safety and dignity of our societies.
Setting the Stage for Peaceful Progress
Our society is undergoing a re-examination of our attitudes and actions related to race and discrimination following the brutal killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer on May 25. One event that was a similar turning point in how America approached race and discrimination occurred 57 years ago when the University of Alabama underwent desegregation by two incredibly brave African American students — Vivian Malone and James A. Hood.
Give Us Reliable Data. It’s The Most Effective Way To Fight Hate Crimes
One of the key challenges in fighting hate crimes is that they often go unreported because of a lack of knowledge regarding reportage and a mistrust of law enforcement and its willingness to take their claims seriously.
Our Futures Depend on the U.S.-Europe Alliance
To better understand the importance of the U.S.-Europe alliance, I recently participated in the German Marshall Fund’s Marshall Memorial Fellowship in Europe.
United front can stop wave of antisemitism
In recent months, the Jewish community and other minorities have been the subject of countless threats and hatred in the United States. Brian Siegal offers words of strength to the Jewish community during this troubling time.