2023 was a year of unprecedented meeting the moment for the American Jewish Committee (AJC) Alexander Young Leadership Department.

High School Affairs

High School Affairs

Jewish high school students are not just future leaders, but today’s leaders. Through education and advocacy programs, High School Affairs works to empower teens to speak up for Israel and the Jewish people and speak out against growing antisemitism and bigotry.

In 2023, nearly more than 250 teens from 25 cities attended 100+ LFT sessions.

More than 130 high schools are represented in this year’s LFT cohort.

Nearly 40 outside organizations participated in trainings with our High School Affairs department on Jewish Identity, rising of antisemitism, Israel Advocacy and college readiness.

Over 2,300 students have participated in the LFT program since its founding.

LFT alumni are on 100+ of campuses across the country. Our largest alumni populations attend Brown, Columbia, and Duke University.

Campus Affairs

Campus AffairsAJC’s Campus Affairs department supports Jewish students and their allies by bringing AJC’s global approach to Jewish advocacy to colleges and universities to facilitate lasting coalitions, implement effective advocacy and messaging, and craft meaningful educational experiences.

15 impressive college students from 15 campuses across the country participated in AJC summer internship opportunities including the AJC Goldman Fellowship. These changemakers worked closely with AJC mentors to learn about advocacy and program development.

In 2023 the Campus Global Board's second year commenced with 30 students representing 27 campusesaround the world. This year’s board has 20 Americans and 10 international students.

In 2023 Campus Affairs conducted over 30 programs on different campuses and with various groups across the country.

Campus Affairs supported over over 300 students to AJC Global Forum in Tel Aviv representing more than 30 countries and nearly 14 universities.

Campus Affairs supported over 300 students at over 50 campuses during various campus crises throughout 2023. Especially after 10/7, the campus team worked overtime to support Jewish students around the world.

15 LFT alumni were selected for exclusive AJC Campus Affairs offerings including the Campus Global Board and the Goldman Fellowship.



AJC's young professional division empowers Jewish leaders to advocate on behalf of critical domestic and global issues facing the Jewish community.

Over 130 ACCESS programs in 12 cities around the globe, which led to over 300 Marshall Society Members, those who contributed $625 or more to AJC’s 2023 Campaign and allowed us to reach over 1,600 young professionals.

Last year, ACCESS welcomed 42 new fellows in 3 regions to the ACCESS Leadership Fellowship (ALEF) and 12 fellows to ACCESS incubator.

165 ACCESS leaders traveled to 4 countries with AJC spanning from Japan to Chile.

ACCESS launched a new initiative, called ACCESS Kickstart to reach early career professionals looking to engage in global Jewish advocacy in 2023. Over 100 new ACCESS leaders donated to AJC in order to attend the inaugural event in New York City.

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