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How to Mitigate Protests at High School Graduations
As we approach the culmination of the academic year, high school graduation ceremonies are a time for celebration and reflection. While everyone has the constitutional right to free speech, political protests by students and guests should not be allowed to impede a school's commencement program. American Jewish Committee (AJC) asks school administrators to review and implement the strategies here, take proactive steps to minimize the risk of disruption, and respond appropriately if such disruptions occur. Doing so will ensure the focus remains on celebrating the achievements of graduates.
AJC Educational Programs for Middle and High School Spaces
American Jewish Committee (AJC) experts offer educational programs about the Jewish people and antisemitism to students, teachers, and parents in middle and secondary schools. We provide a range of educational resources and workshops to support your institution's educational goals.
Confronting Antisemitism in Our Schools
American Jewish Committee (AJC) has created this toolkit for Parents of Jewish middle and high school students to use in confronting and preventing antisemitism in their school communities.
Guidance for K-12 School Administrators: Handling Student Protests and Walkouts
American Jewish Committee's guidelines aim to assist K-12 school administrators in public and private schools in preparing for and addressing student protests and walkouts in ways that balance students’ rights to express their views with the need to ensure all students are safe and included in their educational environment.
AJC Campus BDS Backgrounder
Learn more about the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.
How to Mitigate Protests at Graduations and Commencements
Commencement is an important and exciting moment in the college experience. University leaders can and should take proactive steps to minimize the risk of commencement or graduation events being disrupted, and to respond effectively and appropriately if such disruptions occur. Here are recommendations based on experiences of other colleges and universities.
What You Need to Know About Anti-Zionist Jews
American Jewish Committee (AJC) key points to understanding anti-Zionist Jews.
What Universities Should be Doing Right Now
Many universities are dealing with ongoing protests and encampments by anti-Israel activists, a trend that we expect will continue through graduation. Here is what American Jewish Committee (AJC) is asking university administrators on campuses with encampments and/or ongoing protests to do right now.
Crisis on Campus: What you need to know
Since the Israel-Hamas war, at schools across the country, anti-Israel protesters have targeted Jewish students with physical intimidation, taunts like “go back to Poland,” glorified Hamas terrorists, and in some cases, used physical violence. American Jewish Committee (AJC) has been working around the clock to guide administrators, help students, and support their parents amid campus antisemitism.
The Chaos at Columbia: What It’s Like to be Jewish on Campus Right Now
Noa Fay is a Jewish student leader at Columbia University, the epicenter of the anti-Israel protest movement that has unfolded on American college campuses in recent weeks. Pro-Hamas, antisemitic, and anti-Israel demonstrators have occupied academic buildings, set up overnight tent encampments, and staged demonstrations, while Jewish students have faced increasing threats, antisemitism, and violence.
Guidance for Jewish Students On Campus
As many campuses deal with anti-Israel protests and encampments, Jewish students may feel uneasy and even unsafe. Your safety and ability to learn are critically important, as is your ability to be openly and proudly Jewish on campus. The following are some guidelines to help you manage this challenging moment.
AJC CEO Ted Deutch on CNN: Universities Must Condemn Violent Anti-Israel Protestors
On CNN with Wolf Blitzer, AJC CEO Ted Deutch sets the record straight about how terror-supporting students and outside agitators have created a hostile environment for Jewish college students.
AJC's Julie Fishman Rayman to NewsNation: End the Free Pass for Hate on College Campuses
Julie Fishman Rayman, AJC’s Managing Director, Policy and Political Affairs, joins NewsNation to discuss the fallout from the congressional testimony of the presidents of Harvard, MIT, and Penn. Julie also shares the steps these schools and other institutions of higher education need to take to address antisemitism on campus.
The Fallout from the University Presidents Congressional Hearing: What Does it Mean for Jewish Students?
Three university presidents testified on Capitol Hill about the current state of Jew-hatred on college campuses. However, their testimony drew widespread outrage over their refusal to condemn calls for genocide against Jewish students.
Confronting Antisemitism In Our Schools: An Action Plan for Students of Independent Schools
Independent schools are not just centers of education but also vital hubs for innovation and community building.
Suggestions for Speaking about Social Media with Your Students
In light of the current social and political climate, it is essential to guide students on how to engage with social media when confronted with controversial issues. Encouraging responsible and thoughtful behavior in online interactions is crucial. Here are some recommendations to provide to students:
Download: AJC Action Plan for Confronting Campus Antisemitism: A Toolkit for Heads of Independent Schools
AJC has created this action plan for heads of independent schools to use in confronting and preventing antisemitism in their school communities. Download the PDF.
Confronting Campus Antisemitism: An Action Plan for University Parents
AJC has created this action plan for parents of university students to use in confronting and preventing antisemitism in their school communities.