Show Up For Shabbat

After Pittsburgh Attack, AJC Called on Jews and Allies to Take Action

From New York to New Zealand and from Utah to the UK, millions of Jews and people of all faiths pledged to #ShowUpForShabbat Nov. 2-3 in solidarity with Pittsburgh’s Jewish community, sending a resounding message that love triumphs over hate.


AJC's Response

Representatives from AJC’s 22 offices across the United States reached out to clergy, diplomats, local government officials, and other civic leaders to encourage them to participate in the #ShowUpForShabbat campaign, while the organization’s 11 international offices worked with partners in over 35 Jewish communities around the globe to launch similar initiatives locally.

Other local, national, and international Jewish organizations encouraged their members to participate in the campaign. Synagogues welcomed the influx of attendees at their Shabbat services with explanatory programming.

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