Past Articles

Antisemitism at German Editors’ Desks
An erosion of the post-war consensus on antisemitism in the Federal Republic of Germany is well underway, and Der Spiegel, the leading weekly German news magazine, is not helping.
Anti-Semitism: France's experience must serve as a warning for Germany
Since anti-Semitism is symptomatic of a greater societal malaise, it should be made clear that anti-Semitism is not a "Jewish" problem, but a hatred that eats away at the foundations of our society. In this fight, nothing less than the future of an open, liberal, Europe is at stake.
Hezbollah Is a Terrorist Organization and a Threat to Europe
If Europe is serious about combating anti-Semitism, the Lebanon-based global terror group Hezbollah must be stopped in its tracks.
AJC Welcomes New Argentina Database on Terror Groups, Freezing Hezbollah Assets
“Given the massive tragedy Hezbollah wrought on Argentina 25 years ago, adding the Iranian-sponsored terror organization to the new registry and freezing its assets is a positive step on the long and winding path to justice for the AMIA bombing victims and their families,” said Dina Siegel Vann, AJC Director of Latino and Latin American Affairs, who is in Buenos Aires for the 25th anniversary events.
AJC Addresses Justice Department Summit on Combating Antisemitism
Jason Isaacson, American Jewish Committee (AJC) Chief Policy and Political Affairs Officer, addressed the U.S. Department of Justice Summit on Combating Antisemitism.
AJC Warns of Three Sources of Jew-Hatred at Justice Department Summit
In one of the most substantial and far-reaching discussions on antisemitism ever convened by the U.S. government, AJC Chief Policy and Political Affairs Officer Jason Isaacson on Monday joined scholars, senior officials, and policymakers at the Department of Justice to sound the alarm about the rise of anti-Jewish hatred.

AJC Welcomes Seattle Mayor Durkan Commitment to Fight Anti-Semitism
AJC Seattle Director Regina Friedland welcomed Mayor Jenny Durkan’s stated commitment to combat anti-Semitism in Seattle and to thoroughly investigate the vile threats against Ari Hoffman, a candidate for the City Council.
Jewish Insecurity
The facts that the targeted politician, Ari Hoffman, is an Orthodox Jew, that the threats are laced with blatantly antisemitic comments and that this is happening amid a rise in reported assaults on Jews across the United States is distressing.
AJC Urges Seattle to Act on Threats to Jewish Candidate
American Jewish Committee (AJC) is urging Seattle leaders to condemn anti-Semitic threats against Ari Hoffman, a candidate for city council, and initiate steps to identify and prosecute those responsible for these hate crimes.
Exploring and Combating White Supremacy
Once thought to be relics of a bygone era, white supremacist groups have re-emerged in America. How far-reaching is the ideology of white supremacy in the U.S. and what can be done about it? In a discussion presented by the Leonard Greenberg Forum for Domestic Policy Issues, experts from around the country discussed how best to confront this looming threat.
Launch of Congressional Black-Jewish Caucus Announced at AJC Global Forum
AJC has long advocated for promoting pluralism, the quintessential American value, and partnered with a broad range of ethnic and faith leaders to continuously strengthen our nation’s commitment to that ideal.
AJC Moral Courage Awards Honor Pittsburgh Synagogue Victim, First Responders
Recalling the horrific terrorist attack on the Tree of Life Or L’Simcha synagogue in Pittsburgh last October, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) today presented its Moral Courage Award to first responders and posthumously to Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz, one of the ten victims.
Assessing French Jewish Opinion
A new AJC survey of French Jews is both enlightening and disturbing. A majority of Jews in France have both personally experienced antisemitism in their own country and believe that their government is not effectively combating antisemitism.
AJC 2019 Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy
At AJC Global Forum 2019, Bill and Susan Greene presented the AJC 2019 Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy to Our SGA of New York University and Union des Étudiants Juifs de France.
Addressing the Rise of Global Anti-Semitism
At AJC Global Forum 2019, a panel discussion of government leaders discussed whether enough is being done to combat growing anti-Semitism.
AJC Passport Live: British MPs Joan Ryan and Ian Austin
In a live recording of AJC’s Passport podcast from AJC Global Forum 2019 in Washington, D.C., host Seffi Kogen interviewed two of the members of British Parliament, Joan Ryan and Ian Austin, who left the Labour party due to concerns over antisemitism.
Don't Choose Comfort Over Free Speech
Williams College has been ranked the country's top liberal arts college, but its sterling reputation was recently tarnished. The College Council, the campus student government, denied the Williams Initiative for Israel (WIFI) certification as a “registered student organization.”
AJC Welcomes Florida Governor’s Signing of Anti-Semitism Legislation
American Jewish Committee (AJC) welcomes the Florida state bill on combating anti-Semitism in schools, passed unanimously by Florida’s House and Senate, and signed into law today by Governor Ron DeSantis.
AJC Deplores Polish Bishop’s Anti-Semitic Holy Thursday Sermon
AJC is calling on Catholic leadership in Poland to reprimand the Bishop of Tarnow for his Holy Thursday sermon that was filled with attacks on the Jewish people.
Enduring Hatred
Hate was not solely a Jewish concern in 1999, and it still isn’t today.
AJC Urges Stepped-Up Action Following Attack on San Diego Synagogue
American Jewish Committee (AJC), the leading global Jewish advocacy group, is calling for urgent action at all levels of government to intensify the fight against anti-Semitism.
AJC Convenes with UN Special Rapporteur Expert Consultation on Anti-Semitism in U.S.
AJC’s Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights (JBI) has convened an expert consultation on the topic of anti-Semitism in the United States together with Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief.
How Black and Jewish Communities Are Trying to Recapture A Historic Relationship
Since Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination on April 4, 1968, black and Jewish communities find themselves at a crossroads: facing a common enemy yet struggling to unite around issues that affect each other’s survival.

AJC Central Europe Seeks Action on Anti-Semitic Newspaper in Polish Parliament
“The distribution of Tylko Polska nationally is astonishing. That it is readily available on Polish government property is outrageous,” said Agnieszka Markiewicz, Director of AJC Central Europe, based in Warsaw.
Prioritize Anti-Semitism
Redoubling efforts to identify concrete measures to effectively confront this menace and to begin to reduce the numbers of antisemitic incidents must be a joint and urgent US-Europe priority.
Tying Cohen to white supremacy is a reckless generalization
Anti-Semitism, like other forms of bigotry, flourishes where reckless generalizations about a people are treated as truths.
AJC Urges House to Adopt Resolution Defining Anti-Semitism
AJC is strongly urging members of the U.S. House of Representatives to adopt a resolution that clearly defines and unequivocally condemns anti-Semitism in all its forms.
Why Challenging Rep. Omar Matters
We criticized Rep. Omar because we will always denounce anti-Semitism.
Join the #jesuislà Initiative to Counter Online Abuse
It is to defend such civic-mindedness, that I created, together with Audrey Lebioda and Xavier Brandao, the Facebook group #jesuislà (#iamhere). We can no longer remain silent in the face expressions of hate, and urge others to join our ranks.
AJC Europe Condemns Anti-Semitic Outburst at Holocaust Conference
AJC Europe is outraged by the intervention of anti-Semitic protesters at an academic conference on the Holocaust.
Anti-Semitism: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
After an 18-year increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes, it appears that some political leaders have come to the realization it is the symptom of a troubled country, of a deep-rooted democratic crisis. However, the fundamental question now facing us is what should be done?

AJC Welcomes French President Macron’s Endorsement of Anti-Semitism Definition
American Jewish Committee (AJC) praised French President Emmanuel Macron’s call tonight for France to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of anti-Semitism.
AJC Paris Urges Increased Government Actions on Anti-Semitism
AJC is urging France’s political leadership to re-examine the efficacy of current strategies to combat rising anti-Semitism in France. The call comes following the release of a government report showing a 74% spike in anti-Semitic incidents during 2018, compared to the previous year.
AJC Welcomes Appointment of Anti-Semitism Special Envoy
American Jewish Committee (AJC) hailed today’s announcement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that Elan Carr has been appointed Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism.
AJC Praises Czech Parliament’s Adoption of Anti-Semitism ‘Working Definition’
AJC applauded the House of Deputies of the Czech Parliament for adopting the international working definition of anti-Semitism.
AJC Praises Moldova Endorsement of Anti-Semitism ‘Working Definition’
“Moldova has taken a laudable step in recognizing clearly the resurgent cancer of anti-Semitism and mobilizing to effectively combat it,” said American Jewish Committee (AJC) CEO David Harris.
Slovakia Reappoints AJC’s Andrew Baker to Key OSCE Post on Anti-Semitism
For the 11th consecutive year, Rabbi Andrew Baker, AJC’s director of International Jewish Affairs, will serve as Personal Representative on Combating Anti-Semitism for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
AJC Outraged by Rep. Tlaib’s Tweet
AJC is outraged at the tweet posted by Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) claiming that U.S. senators who had introduced Israel-related legislation “forgot what country they represent.” That assertion, which completely avoids legitimate debate about the content of the bill itself, insinuates that a number of respected, long-serving senators are somehow more loyal to Israel than they are to the United States.
Choosing Between Denial and Reason
Denouncing antisemitic and antidemocratic rhetoric, wherever it comes from- targeting both Jews and the state, the police, and all national institutions— is I believe my and every person of good faith’s duty.
Actions of Governments in Europe Against Anti-Semitism Are Not Effective
The Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) survey leaves no illusions – anti-Semitism in today's Europe is a growing problem.
How To Fight Anti-Semitism’s Resurgence In Europe
Anti-Semitism is sometimes compared to a virus. While we can’t eliminate it, we at least know how to keep it under control. But what if we’re wrong? What if, like a virus, anti-Semitism has developed a new strain, unresponsive to all the traditional treatments?
Anti-Zionism Is A Form Of Anti-Semitism
Once again, Jewish life is under threat in Europe. Monday’s EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) survey showed that 85% of Jews consider anti-Semitism a serious problem.
Shattered Glass
That the FRA report was barely mentioned at all in the American media and got little coverage in Europe suggests that a certain numbness has set in, an unfortunate acceptance of antisemitic normalcy.
Why Anti-Zionism is Malign
AJC CEO David Harris responds to Michelle Goldberg column on anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.
‘Anti-Zionism’ Threatens Europe’s Jews
‘Anti-Zionism isn’t the same as anti-Semitism,” we keep hearing. A new study suggests that for Jewish Europeans, the distinction is without a difference.
AJC Urges EU Nations to Act on Dismaying New Anti-Semitism Report
“The FRA conclusion that anti-Semitism has become ‘normalized’ across the EU is simply unacceptable,” said AJC CEO David Harris, who met with European officials In Brussels ahead of the report’s release, and who began alerting European leaders to the resurgent wave of anti-Semitism as early as 2001.
AJC Praises EU Council Declaration on Combating Anti-Semitism
American Jewish Committee (AJC) praised the Council of the European Union unanimous adoption today of a statement on combating anti-Semitism across Europe. It is the first time the Council’s 28-member states have passed a comprehensive measure aimed at mobilizing to counter anti-Semitism and to assure the safety of European Jews.
Why Jewish Women Should March
If you want to attend the 2019 Women’s March, you should. But make sure that the rank-and-file marchers next to you know: you are a progressive Jewish woman. You belong there. And you won’t be cowed.
AJC Condemns Anti-Semitic Attack on Hungarian Jewish Leader
AJC condemns the anti-Semitic attack directed at Andras Heisler, President of the Hungarian Jewish Federation (MAZSIHISZ), in the business magazine Figyelő.
How Many Wake-up Calls on Anti-Semitism Does Europe Need?
The new CNN survey of attitudes towards Jews in seven countries – Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, and Sweden – raises profound concerns.
Jews are an infinitesimal percentage of Europe’s population, but continue to play an outsized role in the European imagination.
Vienna - Old and New
Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz invited David to speak at a high-level conference entitled, “Europe beyond Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism - securing Jewish life in Europe.” Just before Thanksgiving, we were on our way to Vienna.
AJC Mourns Passing of Romanian Ambassador Mihnea Constantinescu
“Mihnea Constantinescu was a stalwart supporter of the State of Israel, a leader in the fight against anti-Semitism, and a true friend of the Jewish people. His untimely passing is a great loss for all of us,” said AJC CEO David Harris.
AJC Urges Intensified National Effort to Combat Hate Crimes
“The clarion call to confront head-on this menace to individuals, to communities, indeed to American society, must come from leadership at the highest levels of our government,” said AJC CEO David Harris.
What happened…
In showing up for Shabbat in that Spanish shul, we were reminded most powerfully that that we are not alone. More than anything else, is what happened.
After 80 Years, anti-Semitism Endures, But So Does Our Resolve to Confront It
During Shabbat, 80 years after Kristallnacht, the two of us stood with many others around the world and prayed together in remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust and the Tree of Life synagogue.
The Massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh: A #ShowUpForShabbat Reflection
Now, as American Jews, we are confronting the reality that we dreaded and feared—it could happen here. We are mourning the loss of American Jewish innocence.
AJC #ShowUpForShabbat Initiative Gathers Widespread Support
“The rapid, continually growing response to #ShowUpForShabbat is heartwarming. It restores hope in the human capacity to unite in confronting anti-Semitism and attacks on houses of worship,” said AJC CEO David Harris.
How Do We Fight Anti-Semitism in 2018? Show Up for Shabbat, Stand with Jewish Neighbors
I can think of no better response to such a heinous violation of the sanctity of a synagogue than to encourage all American Jews to seek spiritual sanctuary in their sanctuaries, and to do so proudly and without fear.
After Pittsburgh, We Need A Coalition Of Conscience
We knew anti-Semitism was out there. We knew it was growing. More and more people felt uninhibited in expressing their hatred and bigotry.
AJC Calls on Jews and Allies to #ShowUpForShabbat Following Pittsburgh Synagogue Attack
AJC is calling on Jewish communities across the country—along with elected officials, religious and civic leaders, and other communal allies—to flock to synagogues this coming Shabbat (Friday night and Saturday, November 2-3) in a nationwide campaign named #ShowUpForShabbat. The AJC initiative is being launched in response to the horrific attack at Tree of Life Or L'Simcha Congregation in Pittsburgh, which left 11 Jewish worshipers dead.
AJC Decries Murderous Assault on Pittsburgh Synagogue
AJC is totally appalled by the horrific shooting attack inside a Pittsburgh synagogue during Shabbat morning services today. At least eleven people were killed and six wounded in the assault at Tree of Life Or L’Simcha Congregation. The shooter was apprehended by law enforcement.
Acting Against Hate
The bipartisan, multiethnic, interfaith rejection of Nazi party member Arthur Jones’s bid for a seat in the U.S House of Representatives is an encouraging example of Americans coming together to actively combat hate.
When Hate Speech Gets a Pass
In a letter to the editor, AJC's Daniel Elbaum responds to an op-ed on campus criticism and boycotts of Israel.
AJC Welcomes Pope’s Remarks at Holocaust Commemorations in Lithuania
AJC welcomed the Pope’s compassionate words commemorating Lithuania Jewish Holocaust victims and strong remarks against contemporary anti-Semitism. The Pope spoke on the 75th anniversary of the liquidation of the Vilnius ghetto during a two-day visit to Lithuania, his first to the Baltic nation.
Anti-Semitism and the Rutgers Case
Assistant Secretary of Education Kenneth L. Marcus has taken action that you say “put the weight of the federal government” behind a definition of anti-Semitism. It is known as the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Working Definition of Anti-Semitism, and 14 years ago, the American Jewish Committee played a role in drafting it.
AJC Applauds House Passage of Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Act
H.R. 1911, introduced by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and a bipartisan group of other representatives, will elevate the envoy position to the rank of Ambassador, to report directly to the Secretary of State.
AJC Praises U.S. Education Department Use of Anti-Semitism Working Definition
AJC salutes the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights decision to employ the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Anti-Semitism when examining questions of anti-Semitism on college campuses under Title VI.
Greater Washington Urban League and AJC Stand United Against Hate
The Greater Washington Urban League and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) Washington Region call on civic, political and religious leaders to unequivocally reject the anti-Semitism and racism of the white nationalists who will gather for the “Unite the Right” rally in Lafayette Park on Sunday.
Validating Holocaust Denial
Is Holocaust denial becoming an accepted norm in American public discourse? Even with the passage of 73 years, one should expect a visceral reaction to anyone publicly denying the Holocaust and promoting antisemitism. Inadequate responses only encourage the haters.
Human Rights Officials at AJC’s Jacob Blaustein Institute Event Call for Greater UN Attention to Combating Anti-Semitism
AJC’s Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights (JBI) convened a meeting of key UN human rights leaders and staff members together with experts on anti-Semitism from around the world.
AJC Convenes Polish Mayors’ Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism
Mayors of Polish cities, attending an AJC Central Europe and City of Warsaw conference on combating hate, have issued a joint statement urging implementation of a policy of “zero tolerance for prejudice, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.”
When Is It Okay to Evoke Hitler and the Nazis?
There are few observations that have proven more durable than Godwin’s Law. Created in 1990 by attorney Mike Godwin, it is quite simple:  The more heated a political argument becomes, the higher the likelihood that one side will mention Adolf Hitler.  Whoever mentions Hitler first, loses the argument.
Updated AJC Plan to Combat Anti-Semitism in Europe Urges Government Action
A detailed action plan for governments across Europe to combat anti-Semitism, first issued by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) three years ago, has been updated. The original AJC Call to Action came out of a groundbreaking daylong strategy conference, “A Defining Moment for Europe,” in May 2015, in Brussels.
A Recent Study Into Rising Anti-Semitism in Europe Ignores the Role of Muslim Migrants
In many cases the perpetrators appear to be Muslim. But do we know this for a fact, and if so what should be done about it? Does the recent surge in immigration from Muslim countries further endanger European Jews?
AJC Applauds Congressional Action Urging Secretary Pompeo to Appoint Anti-Semitism Envoy
AJC applauds the 120 members of Congress from both sides of the aisle who signed a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urging his swift appointment of a new State Department Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism.
Missing Anti-Semitism Envoy
Indecision has consequences. Leaving vacant the key State Department position in the US effort to fight antisemitism globally has generated perceptions that inevitably question Washington’s commitment on this issue.
Religious Leaders Join AJC Appeal Urging Secretary Pompeo to Appoint Anti-Semitism Envoy
More than 1,100 religious leaders across the United States have joined with AJC in calling for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to appoint a new State Department Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism.
To Fight Anti-Semitism, First You Have to Define It
Thirteen years have passed since a comprehensive and updated definition of anti-Semitism was drafted and adopted by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia, or EUMC. Now, with proposed congressional legislation and various state and local initiatives, there are calls for employing a definition here.
5 Things You Need to Know About How Anti-Semitism is Affecting Chile’s Democracy
As the largest Palestinian community outside the Middle East advances an aggressive anti-Israel agenda bordering on anti-Semitism, Chile is facing constant attacks on its democracy and its heritage of inclusiveness.
AJC New York Praises Arrest in Brutal Anti-Semitic Attack
AJC praised the New York Police Department for the apprehension of an individual who brutally assaulted Menachem Moskowitz on April 21.
Official Police Statistics on Anti-Semitism Must Be Revamped
The official statistics on anti-Semitic incidents almost exclusively classify the multitude of anti-Semitic incidents (four a day!) as right-wing extremism.
AJC Commemorates Mireille Knoll, Murdered French Holocaust Survivor
Diplomats, Jewish leaders, representatives of New York ethnic and faith groups, and members of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) gathered at the global Jewish advocacy group’s headquarters this morning to memorialize Mireille Knoll, the 85-year-old Jewish grandmother and Holocaust survivor, who was savagely murdered in her Paris apartment.
France Must March For Mireille Knoll, Our Assassinated Grandmother
Mireille Knoll’s murder haunts me. It is a painful reminder (as if we needed one) of the face of anti-Semitism in France today, where a helpless and sick 85-year-old Holocaust survivor can be killed in her apartment for one reason only: because she is Jewish.
How Will Britain’s Labour Party Fix Its Anti-Semitism Problem?
Labour MP John Mann joins us to discuss the ongoing anti-Semitism scandal that has ensnared Jeremy Corbyn and Britain’s Labour Party.
The Perversity of Intersectionality
The recent furor over the relationship between the Women’s March leadership and Nation of Islam (NOI) leader Louis Farrakhan is beginning to subside — but its full import has yet to be appreciated.
Anti-Semitism in the U.S.
AJC responds to Jonathan Weisman’s assertion in a New York Times article that the American Jewish Committee has been “remarkably quiet” about anti-Semitism.
What Italy’s Election Results Mean for Italian Jews, Italian-Israeli Relations, and the EU
Anti-Semitism is hard to discern in the present xenophobic and anti-immigrant public mood, but Italian Jewry, basing its judgment on bitter past experience, remains wary of the voters’ dramatic switch.
AJC Praises Government, Jewish Community Effort to Combat anti-Semitism in Spain
AJC, the global Jewish advocacy organization, welcomed an educational initiative by Spain’s government and Jewish community to combat anti-Semitism.
Anti-Semitism in France: Zero Tolerance!
President Macron's words demonstrate a growing awareness of this scourge at the highest levels of government and a determination to take a stand. So why is it that despite such admirable statements I feel a disheartening and wearying déjà vu?
Italy Reappoints AJC’s Andrew Baker to Key OSCE Post on Anti-Semitism
For the tenth consecutive year, Rabbi Andrew Baker, AJC’s director of International Jewish Affairs, will serve as Personal Representative on Combating Anti-Semitism for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
Jews and the Future of France
AJC Europe Director Simone Rodan-Benzaquen responds to an op-ed on Jews in France published in the New York Times.
AJC Praises Lithuania Endorsement of Anti-Semitism ‘Working Definition’
AJC applauds Lithuania for adopting the working definition of anti-Semitism.
AJC Central Europe Urges Poland Government to Counter Neo -Nazi Groups
AJC Central Europe has called on Poland's government to take concrete steps to monitor and counter the activities of Neo-Nazi groups.
Hyper Cacher - Three Years Later
It's been three years since an Islamist terrorist attacked Hyper Cacher, a kosher supermarket in Paris, murdering four Jews. In this episode, we examine how the French government, society, and Jewish community have responded since the attack.
3 Years Later: What’s Changed for French Jews?
Three years after the terror attacks against Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher, we checked in with the Paris-based Director of AJC Europe, Simone Rodan-Benzaquen, to get an update on the state of the French Jewish community.
Anti-Semitism Data
Experience hateful bigotry, say something. That should be the watchword for victims of antisemitism.
AJC Central Europe Cosponsors Seminar on Anti-Semitism in Poland
AJC Central Europe, together with the University of Warsaw’s Center for Research on Prejudice, cosponsored a seminar on “Antisemitism in Poland: Diagnosis, Consequences, and Methods of Prevention.”
AJC Appalled by Russian Bishop’s “Ritual Murder” Claim
AJC is appalled by a Russian Orthodox Church bishop’s assertion in Moscow that Jews were responsible for the deaths of Czar Nicholas II and his family in 1918, a year after the Bolshevik Revolution.
Defining Anti-Semitism Is The First Step Towards Stopping It
On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing about anti-Semitism. At issue was whether the Department of Education should consult a comprehensive definition of anti-Semitism when addressing Jewish students’ complaints of harassment on college campuses, and whether Congress should instruct the Department of Ed to do so.
AJC CEO to Larry David: Meet Mila Racine
In a Huffington Post op-ed, AJC CEO David Harris criticized Larry David for his “vulgar banalization of the Holocaust” when opening the Saturday Night Live show over the weekend.
David Harris Blog: Larry David, Meet Mila Racine
When I first heard about Larry David’s attempted Holocaust humor on “Saturday Night Live,” I was appalled.
Soccer, Trains, Anne Frank, and Anti-Semitism in Europe
Over the past two weeks, the memory of Anne Frank, a global symbol of Jewish perseverance in the face of hate, was twice evoked in an unsettling fashion—first in Rome, then in Berlin.
AJC Briefs House Judiciary Committee on Campus Anti-Semitism
Rabbi Andrew Baker, AJC Director of International Jewish Affairs, addressing the House Judiciary Committee today, called for expanding the use of the Working Definition of Anti-Semitism to American college and university campuses.
Charlottesville, Jews, and the American Future
What happened at the “Unite the Right” rally on August 12 in Charlottesville, Virginia, was both a battle in the longstanding war over Confederate memorials and, more broadly, the latest episode in the blood-soaked, centuries-old history of racism in America.
AJC CEO David Harris Message to President Donald J. Trump on the Aftermath of Charlottesville
CEO David Harris hopes that President Trump will make clear that our nation does not countenance the warped views of bigots, as was on display in Charlottesville.
The Rebels Rise
The bloody confrontation in Charlottesville tragically showed again that hate groups are still very active and cannot simply be dismissed as marginal or insignificant elements in our society.
AJC Study Reveals Danger of Salafism in Berlin Schools
An AJC survey of Berlin public school teachers reveals the growing infiltration of Salafism, and a corresponding increase in anti-Semitism in classrooms.
Latino and Jewish Leaders United Against Violence, Racism and Anti-Semitism
Members of the Latino Jewish Leadership Council (LJLC) strongly denounce the violence, hatred and anti-Semitism displayed by white supremacists, the KKK, and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12.
'Never forget' remains an apt slogan for democracy
In Holocaust education, we use the phrase “Never Forget.” While referring specifically to the six million Jews slaughtered by the Nazis, Never Forget has a broader meaning — never to allow the abandonment of democratic values, the loss of moral clarity.
How George Soros became a Jewish symbol
Today’s Hungarian Jewish Community, the largest in Central Europe, has come to embrace George Soros. Not Soros the man, but Soros the symbol.  
AJC Praises House Adoption of Bill to Combat European Anti-Semitism
AJC praised the U.S. House of Representatives for adopting unanimously the Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017, and urged the U.S. Senate to move expeditiously to pass its version of the bill.
AJC Urges Secretary of State to Appoint Anti-Semitism Special Envoy
AJC is urging Secretary of State Tillerson to fill without further delay the position of Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism.
The surge in anti-Semitism? Here’s how to stop it
Almost daily accounts of vandalized cemeteries, spray-painted swastikas and bomb threats to JCCs and other Jewish agencies have alarmed Jews everywhere. Here are three suggestions for concrete action.
United front can stop wave of anti-Semitism
In recent months, the Jewish community and other minorities have been the subject of countless threats and hatred in the United States. Brian Siegal offers words of strength to the Jewish community during this troubling time.
Anti-Semitism’s a problem for all humans
Recent upsurges in anti-Semitic activity on American soil calls for our re-evaluation of the issue itself. Anti-Semitism is a problem not only for Jews, but rather for all Americans and human beings at large.
Confronting Anti-Semitism in America
In the midst of a recent wave of anti-Semitic hate crimes, Jews across the country are being forced to re-evaluate what it means to live safely as a Jewish person in America. What can be done to change this precarious reality?
AJC Condemns Attack on St. Louis Jewish Cemetery
AJC condemns the mass vandalism at the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery in University City. More than 100 headstones were reportedly damaged in the attack earlier today.
AJC Praises Arrest of Chicago Synagogue Attacker
AJC Chicago praised the Chicago police department for apprehending a suspect who vandalized the Loop Synagogue early Saturday morning.
AJC Deplores Attack on Chicago Synagogue
AJC Chicago condemns an attack on the Loop Synagogue, which authorities have labeled a hate crime.
AJC Presents to European Parliament Action Plan to Fight Anti-Semitism
A senior American Jewish Committee (AJC) official urged European lawmakers today to move immediately to develop an action plan to confront the rising tide of anti-Semitism in their countries – and change the reality of Jews living in fear in Europe.
AJC Anti-Semitism Expert Addresses White House Conference on Violent Extremism
Rabbi Andrew Baker, AJC Director of International Jewish Affairs, told the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism today that Jews in Europe are living in fear and criticized the hesitancy of many European leaders to identify publicly the roots of rising anti-Semitism and the perpetrators of the violence that has struck fatally Jews and the general population.
Danish Consul General Addresses AJC "Solidarity with Denmark" Event
Ambassador Jarl Frijs-Madsen, Consul General of Denmark in New York, addressed a special ceremony at AJC headquarters today to commemorate the victims of the twin terror attacks in Copenhagen.
AJC Appalled by ISIS Execution of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians
AJC is appalled by the ISIS execution of 21Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya, the latest act of brutality from a terrorist organization that has already claimed thousands of victims across the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in Europe.
AJC Deplores Fatal Attacks in Denmark
AJC Executive Director David Harris called yesterday's attacks in Copenhagen, including against a synagogue, “deplorable and despicable acts of terror” that are another “wake-up call to European leaders of the urgent threats to democratic societies and the values they embody.”
AJC Statement on Chapel Hill Murders
AJC is shocked by the brutal murders of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
AJC Rejects Claims that Berlin Anti-Semitism is Exaggerated
AJC Berlin is disputing a new study by the Technical University’s Center for Research on Anti-Semitism (ZfA) that charges Jewish and civil society organizations with exaggerating and exploiting anti-Semitic incidents in Berlin for their own gain.
AJC Welcomes French President Hollande's Renewed Call to Combat Anti-Semitism
AJC welcomed French President François Hollande's renewed call for a government action plan to combat anti-Semitism in France.
White House Chief of Staff, French Ambassador Address AJC Solidarity Gathering for French Jews
More than 700 people gathered at Congregation Adas Israel for an AJC program of solidarity with France’s Jewish community and memorial for the 17 French men and women murdered by Islamist terrorists in Paris last week.
Senior French, U.S. Officials Address AJC Memorial Ceremony for French Terror Victims
U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, French Ambassador to the UN Francois Delattre, and Consul General of France in New York Bertrand Lortholary addressed a crowd of more than 150 people gathered at AJC today to remember the 17 victims of the recent Islamist terror attacks in Paris.
AJC Criticizes Self-Censorship of Charlie Hebdo Cartoons
AJC criticized the decision by key media outlets in Great Britain and the United States—such as the London Daily Telegraph, the New York Times, CNN, and NBC—to omit or blur the Charlie Hebdo cartoon images that, according to confirmed reports, motivated the reprehensible attack on the paper’s offices that killed twelve people.
AJC: EU Parliament Steps Backward on Tackling Anti-Semitism
AJC is deeply disappointed with the European Parliament's failure to establish a task force to fight the rise of anti-Semitism across Europe.
AJC: Firmer Action on Anti-Semitism Needed after Assault on French Jewish Couple
AJC is horrified by the brutal assault on a Jewish couple, an act of violence that French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has labeled anti-Semitism.
AJC: Surveys on Anti-Semitism Expose Challenges for France
Three distinct groups in France are noticeably more anti-Jewish than the overall population, according to two new public opinion surveys on French anti-Semitism.
AJC Welcomes Decision on Pine Bush School District Anti-Semitism
AJC welcomed a federal judge’s ruling against the Pine Bush school district, which sought to dismiss a lawsuit by the parents of several children victimized by anti-Semitic bullying.
AJC Praises NYPD for Arrest in Assault of Brooklyn Jewish Leader
AJC praised the New York Police Department for apprehending the suspect, Shawn Schraeder, in the brutal beating of Leonard Petlakh, executive director of the Kings Bay Y in Brooklyn, New York.
AJC Executive Director Briefs Congress on Global Anti-Semitism
AJC Executive Director David Harris briefed this morning a dozen key members of the U.S. House of Representatives on the surge in anti-Semitism across Europe.
AJC Urges Bolivia to Ensure Safety of Jewish Community
AJC called on Bolivian President Evo Morales to urgently take concrete measures to counter the rise in anti-Semitism, some of it violent, in the South American country.
AJC: Anti-Semitism in France on Rise
AJC France warned today that the dramatic rise in anti-Semitic incidents this year demands urgent attention and action.
AJC: Spanish Writer Antonio Gala’s Dangerous Anti-Semitic Op-ed
AJC is appalled by the anti-Semitic, threatening op-ed that renowned Spanish writer Antonio Gala wrote in El Mundo.
AJC Welcomes Joint French, German, Italian Statement on Anti-Semitism
AJC welcomed today’s powerful statement on European anti-Semitism by the foreign ministers of France, Germany and Italy.
AJC Calls on EU Ministers to Convene Special Meeting on Anti-Semitism
AJC calls on the European Union to convene an extraordinary meeting of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers to address the wave of violence against Jews across Europe.
AJC Condemns Vicious Anti-Semitic Attack in Paris
During a large pro-Palestinian demonstration in Paris yesterday, a mob of 150 to 200 people tried to force their way into a synagogue in the center of Paris.
AJC Praises French Prime Minister’s Denunciation of Anti-Semitism
AJC praised French Prime Minister Manuel Valls today for his forthright denunciation of a pro-Palestinian rally in Paris—conducted in defiance of a government ban—that turned violent and anti-Semitic.
Stephan Kramer to Head New AJC Initiative on Anti-Semitism in Europe
AJC announced today that Stephan Kramer will be appointed to a newly-created position -- Director, European Office on Anti-Semitism.
AJC Praises Arrest in Brussels Terrorist Attack
AJC praised French authorities for apprehending, in Marseille, a suspect in the fatal terror attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels.
AJC Remembers Victims, Survivors on International Holocaust Remembrance Day
AJC Executive Director will attend, as a member of the U.S. presidential delegation led by Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew, the commemoration event at Auschwitz, marking the 70th anniversary of the Nazi concentration camp’s liberation.
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