AJC Los Angeles is appalled and outraged by the violence that broke out at UCLA's encampments late last night. UCLA’s administration must better enforce their student codes of conduct to protect their students, particularly Jewish students who have been targeted on campus in recent days.

Prior inaction fomented a dangerous campus environment that not only prevented students from accessing the education for which they have worked so hard, but put their physical safety in jeopardy.

We urge Chancellor Block and UCLA leadership to shut down these encampments, which have not created an environment of peaceful protest, but violence and division.

We also invite the Chancellor to engage with Los Angeles Jewish community leadership to create a joint strategy to counter antisemitic hate on campus, in line with Governor Newson's recently-released Golden State Plan to Counter Antisemitism.

We are fully supportive of peaceful protest, and stand resolute against violence perpetrated by any person, for any reason. We condemn these violent acts committed by certain counter-protestors.

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