Articles by Daniel Elbaum

Antisemitism Threatens Our Democracy
A careful student can take away many lessons from the history of antisemitism, but one is particularly relevant today: healthy societies do not foster antisemitism. What starts with the Jews rarely ends with them. When societies cannot protect their Jewish population, they will often fail to protect their democracy as well.
Is Denying Israel’s Right to Exist Antisemitic?
The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign student government has adopted a resolution chastising Chancellor Robert Jones for “wrongfully categorizing anti-Zionism as antisemitism.” The resolution, introduced by supporters of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), rests on startling factual inaccuracies and is an insult to American Jews.
AJC Op-Ed in Chicago Tribune: Jews increasingly see discrimination and danger in U.S. culture. The rest of America must listen.
When AJC undertook the largest and most comprehensive survey of American Jews ever on the topic of antisemitism in the United States, we discovered amazing agreement across Jews of different ages, political affiliations, and religious orientations.
Why Challenging Rep. Omar Matters
We criticized Rep. Omar because we will always denounce antisemitism.
When Hate Speech Gets a Pass
In a letter to the editor, AJC's Daniel Elbaum responds to an op-ed on campus criticism and boycotts of Israel.
When Is It Okay to Evoke Hitler and the Nazis?
There are few observations that have proven more durable than Godwin’s Law. Created in 1990 by attorney Mike Godwin, it is quite simple:  The more heated a political argument becomes, the higher the likelihood that one side will mention Adolf Hitler.  Whoever mentions Hitler first, loses the argument.
Antisemitism in the U.S.
AJC responds to Jonathan Weisman’s assertion in a New York Times article that the American Jewish Committee has been “remarkably quiet” about antisemitism.
A message to Poland: Great countries wrestle with their history, but don’t deny it
That past has come to the fore in the public controversy over a new law in Poland that will punish those who dare to publicly assert any Polish responsibility for the Holocaust.
New School’s Antisemitism Event Tarnishes Its Noble Legacy
The New School will host a public panel discussion on antisemitism.
Why the Anti-Israel BDS Campaign Doesn't Stand a Chance
BDS has shown its ugly face at Columbia and Jewish students have responded. Consider the strong words of Daniella Greenbaum when she writes in the Columbia Spectator that “the petition to divest is a tactic that marginalizes Jewish and Israeli students on this campus. It is no different than any other exclusionary initiative.
'Left' Behind -- Israel as a progressive cause
Israel's standing among political progressives continues to slump - a trend increasingly evident in research survey results and across college campuses. But the lone liberal democracy in the Middle East has a strong case to be made to progressives. We just need to do it.
The surge in antisemitism? Here’s how to stop it
Almost daily accounts of vandalized cemeteries, spray-painted swastikas and bomb threats to JCCs and other Jewish agencies have alarmed Jews everywhere. Here are three suggestions for concrete action.