Supreme Court

AJC Critical of Supreme Court Ruling on Prayer in Public Schools
In a decision that could have far-reaching implications regarding public school prayer, the U.S. Supreme Court today ruled that a former high school football coach was within his constitutional rights to hold prayers on the field after a game.
AJC Chief Legal Officer Marc Stern, a leading expert on this issue, said, “The decision strikes a serious blow against the Constitution’s Establishment Clause as has been interpreted since World War II. Worse, the decision subordinates conscience protecting aspects of separation of church and state to individual religious expression."
AJC Dismayed by Supreme Court Ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization
American Jewish Committee (AJC) expressed profound disappointment in today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. AJC has long opposed government interference in a woman’s right to autonomy over her body and access to medical procedures that affect her own life and her ability – and decision – to bear children. Jewish tradition prioritizes the safety of women carrying a child.
AJC Dismayed by U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Holocaust Art Case
American Jewish Committee (AJC) regrets today’s unanimous Supreme Court decision in the Guelph Treasure case (Federal Republic of Germany v Philipp), which sends the plaintiffs back to Germany to seek justice for their Holocaust-era art restitution claims. “Unfortunately, Germany’s record on these matters has been deficient,” said Rabbi Andrew Baker, AJC Director of International Jewish Affairs.
Latino Jewish Leadership Council Applauds Supreme Court Decision to Uphold DACA
The Latino Jewish Leadership Council (LJLC) applauds the Supreme Court decision to uphold the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).
AJC Welcomes Supreme Court Decision on 2020 Census
American Jewish Committee (AJC) welcomes the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Department of Commerce v. New York, which—at least for the time being—bars the inclusion of a question of citizenship in the 2020 United States Census.
AJC Disappointed by Supreme Court Decision on Gerrymandering
American Jewish Committee (AJC) is disappointed by the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Rucho v. Common Cause, in which the Court held that partisan gerrymandering claims “present political questions beyond the reach of the federal courts.”
AJC Disappointed by Supreme Court Decision Upholding Maryland Cross
AJC is disappointed by the United States Supreme Court decision allowing a nearly 100 year-old cross to remain standing on government property in Maryland.