Project Interchange

AJC Social Media Influencer Fact-Finding Mission to Israel
Amid horrifying levels of denial about the Hamas massacre of Israelis on October 7, AJC Project Interchange led a delegation of social media influencers to see firsthand the atrocities of Hamas’ attack.
HBCU Leaders Build New Ties in Israel | Project Interchange
An article in Inside Higher education about our groundbreaking 2022 delegation.
The Washington Post Columnist Combats Antisemitism 
Max Boot wrote an op-ed in 2022 about Kyrie Irving's dangerous and antisemitic conspiracy theories.
German Journalist Speaks Out on Antisemitism | Project Interchange
Patrick Gensing published a series of articles in on antisemitic conspiracy theories,
Nazi comparisons, and manipulated photos and video from the Israel-Hamas conflict.
Indian Journalist Highlights India-Israel Relations | Project Interchange
Indian journalist Dipanjan Chaudhury published a series of articles on Israel and India in The Economic Times, which has a readership of over 4 million.
Felix Klein Presents National Strategy | Project Interchange
Federal Government Commissioner for Jewish Life in Germany and the Fight against Antisemitism presents Germany’s first National Strategy Against Antisemitism.
Combating UN Discrimination Against Israel | Project Interchange
18 PI alumni members of European Parliament and U.S. Congress from the Transatlantic Friends of Israel signed a declaration urging countries worldwide to help end the discrimination against Israel at the UN.
Alumna Leads Abraham Accords Caucus  | Project Interchange
Nevada Senator Jacky Rosen co-chairs a bipartisan Abraham Accords Caucus to further advance normalization agreements between Israel and the Arab states.
PI's 40th Anniversary Video | Project Interchange
Take a journey with AJC Project Interchange, as we celebrate 40 years of bringing global opinion leaders and policy makers to Israel.
Project Interchange Alumni Facilitate Successful Intergroup Upstander Training | Project Interchange
Humera Khan (U.S. Muslim Leaders 2018) and Adnan Ansari (Faith Based Community Leaders, 2016) of Muflehun are partnered with AJC on the new Tackle! Upstander Training. The pilot training, in Philadelphia, was hosted by MJAC-Philadelphia (AKA Circle of Friends), co-chaired by alumnus Mohamed Bakry.
Introducing the 2021 Project Interchange Alumnus of the Year Award! | Project Interchange
The Project Interchange Alumnus of the Year award recognizes the critical role alumni play in promoting Israel's legitimacy, fighting antisemitism, building interfaith bridges, and supporting global Jewish communities. This year’s award was given to international PI alumni in the Transatlantic Friends of Israel and U.S.-based alumnus Suhail Khan.
AJC Project Interchange Expanding Visits to Israel for Groups from Arabian Gulf, North Africa | Project Interchange
Project Interchange plans to host delegations of policymakers and opinion influencers from countries that signed the Abraham Accords last year.
Project Interchange Alumni Influence EU Funding Away from Anti-Israel Propaganda and Towards Peaceful NGO’s | Project Interchange
Project Interchange alumni prompted the passing of a declaration urging Eurapean Union countries, as well as democracies worldwide, to end discrimination against Israel at the United Nations.
Remarkable Number of Project Interchange Alumni Assume New Positions in the Biden Administration | Project Interchange
A remarkable eighteen Project Interchange alumni have been named to vital roles in the new Biden Administration, including two Cabinet-level positions and three ambassadorships.
Project Interchange Alumni establish Miami Community of Conscience | Project Interchange
Five Project Interchange alumni became founding members of AJC Miami’s Community of Conscience, which brings together leaders from diverse backgrounds to address and repair divisions within American society.
United States Mayors Stand Up to Hate | Project Interchange
87% of Project Interchange’s sitting mayoral alumni have signed onto American Jewish Committee’s Mayors United Against Antisemitism campaign, which is run in partnership with the U.S. Conference of Mayors.
French Civic Leader Combats Antisemitism | Project Interchange
Amine El Khatmi formed a new political party, Printemps Républicain, in late 2019, identifying the fight against rising antisemitism as a core tenet of the party.
African Business Leader Promotes Israel-Nigeria Collaboration | Project Interchange
In fall 2019, Kudzai Gumunyu, who traveled with Project Interchange in 2017, organized a three-day “Israel-Nigeria Agrinnovation Seminar” with the Embassy of Israel and the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria.
Leading Indian Journalist Demonstrates Staunch Support for Israel | Project Interchange
Suhasini Haidar traveled with Project Interchange as a leading Indian journalist in 2016. In 2020 she published an article promoting the UAE-Israel agreement.