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Project Interchange | Project Interchange
AJC Project Interchange is dedicated to connecting leaders worldwide with Israel.
Germany's “Antisemitism Czar” Wants Banks to Boot Antisemitic BDS Groups | Project Interchange
The Jerusalem Post reports on the work of Project Interchange alumnus Felix Klein.
Sample Project Interchange Itinerary | Project Interchange
An AJC Project Interchange delegation is a journey through both Jewish history and the contemporary Jewish state, accompanied by AJC staff who are experts in each respective field.
Stay Connected | Project Interchange
Take advantage of AJC Project Interchange’s nearly 6,000-strong network of esteemed alumni and AJC’s unparalleled global advocacy architecture.
Prospective Participants | Project Interchange
Israel: the more you know, the more you understand. AJC Project Interchange invites global leaders to Israel for a first-hand look at a country that far too many people only know from headlines.
Our Story | Project Interchange
AJC Project Interchange began with a bold idea: bring to Israel key decision-makers—those who cast important votes, write for important media, and are influential in academia and society—to learn and draw informed conclusions about Israel for themselves.
Alumni Venture Fund | Project Interchange
Twice yearly, AJC Project Interchange awards a limited number of micro-grants of up to $1,000 to support impactful Israel-related projects and programs led by Project Interchange alumni.
Alumni Resources | Project Interchange
For AJC Project Interchange participants, the conclusion of the trip to Israel marks the beginning of an association with AJC and nearly 6,000 other alumni around the world.
Delegations | Project Interchange
Tailor-made Israel educational opportunities for global leaders.
Journalists and Prominent Media | Project Interchange
We connect civic, religious, and business leaders with experts and professional counterparts representing the multifaceted nature of Israeli society
Civic and Religious Leaders | Project Interchange
We connect civic, religious, and business leaders with experts and professional counterparts representing the multifaceted nature of Israeli society.
University Leaders | Project Interchange
Through AJC Project Interchange, university leaders – presidents, chancellors, provosts, and deans — delve into academic and research exchange opportunities and campus issues.
Project Interchange’s Sixth Delegation of UN Ambassadors in Israel | Project Interchange
Project Interchange’s delegation of Ambassadors to the UN reflect in The Jerusalem Post upon their experiences in Israel, their perceptions of UN votes, and opportunities for Israel within UN-member countries.
University of California-Israeli Agreement Signed by UC President Napolitano After Project Interchange Delegation | Project Interchange
The University of California system signed a new cooperation agreement with Israel aimed at fostering technological innovation, research and development.
European Parliament Members Including Project Interchange Alumni Condemn Hamas | Project Interchange
The European Union has often condemned Israel in one-sided statements that favor the Palestinians, ignoring the context of Israeli actions and without condemning Palestinian terror attacks on Israel.
Indian Project Interchange Alumnus Pens Articles on Importance on India-Israel Ties | Project Interchange
Israel’s chequered journey since its independence in 1948 notwithstanding, there are very few countries that qualify to be such natural allies for India. And there are several reasons for it.
Florida “Start-Up Nation” Conference Results from Project Interchange Miami Entrepreneurs Delegation | Project Interchange
The 2018 Startup Nation Conference recently hosted by The Idea Center at Miami-Dade College in collaboration with Tel Aviv University in Israel highlighted emerging innovations from local innovators and Israeli entrepreneurs in the high-tech industry.
Bipartisan Delegation of California State Legislators Experience “Eye-Opener” Visit to Israel with Project Interchange | Project Interchange
California’s $2.5-trillion economy presents an unparalleled opportunity for Israel to expand its ties in the United States in a mutually beneficial capacity.