The 2024 Legislative Sessions in Maryland and Virginia have drawn to a close, marking significant legislative wins for our community. AJC is proud to highlight some of the pivotal legislation for which we advocated.


The Maryland Legislature approved legislation reforming the membership structure of the Commission on Hate Crime Response and Prevention. Pending Governor Moore’s signature, the Commission will no longer be composed of members representing specific organizations, but will instead have a set number of members who represent or advocate on behalf of individuals in a protected class under the state’s hate crime laws ensuring diverse representation and identifying key community groups. Further, legislation empowers the appointing authorities of various state bodies created by State law  to remove or suspend members for misconduct, incompetence, neglect of duties, or other justifiable reasons.

The Legislature also passed a bill mandating the State Department of Education.develop an anti-bias training guidelines for school employees This bill directly responds to the increase of antisemitism in educational settings, equipping educators with tools to effectively confront and combat it.


The Commonwealth passed a law that safeguards and protects all individuals from discriminatory practices based on ' ethnic origin in both employment and public accommodations.

Additionally, the FY 2024 -25 budget includes increased funding to bolster the educational, cultural, and community programming of the Virginia Holocaust Museum. Notably, the budget also includes provisions for enhanced security grants and streamlines access to funds for community organizations by removing bureaucratic barriers.

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