Faith is nonpartisan. It knows no color, political party, or gender. We condemn any use of faith to justify violence. As people of diverse faith communities, we affirm that democracy should not be met with violence, but with a spirit of unity and respect.

We denounce the violent riots that took place on Capitol Hill and condemn the display of religious symbols used to disturb the democratic process. Faith rejects violence. We call upon elected officials, the government, and all Americans to end insurrection and promote a peaceful transition of power. 

Peaceful transitions of power are among the best of American traditions. The right of all citizens to vote is embedded in our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and subsequent amendments. It is a cornerstone of our democracy.

In the spirit of civility, we reject incendiary partisanship whatever its source, dehumanizing and demonizing rhetoric, threats or acts of violence, and complicity of all those involved.

Our call could not be more urgent.

We invite all who share our concern for the future of this great country, our appreciation of its fundamental strengths, our conviction that it must overcome its challenges, and our resolve to honor the American spirit to join us in the Community of Conscience

Signed by the following organizations:

All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS Center)

American Jewish Committee Washington

The Baltimore Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church

The Episcopal Diocese of Washington

The Greater Washington Urban League

Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington

Masjid Muhammad, The Nation’s Mosque 

Veterans for American Ideals

The Washington National Cathedral 

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