Herb Keinon, the diplomatic correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, took an audience on a Cook’s tour of those countries around the world with which Israel has strong relations. Amid all the talk about BDS and Israel’s isolation, Keinon said that Israel’s position in the world has never been stronger.

Keinon, a frequent commentator and lecturer on the political and diplomatic issues in Israel, has a unique view of the world because of his position at the Jerusalem Post which allows him to travel with Prime Minister Netanyahu. 

Keinon took the audience through a tour of eastern Europe and Europe where Israel has a very strong relationship with the nations there, as well as in Russia. Western Europe is more complex but Israel is working with every country to ensure that it has a strong voting presence in the European Union.

He mentioned that even in those countries where the citizens may not have a positive view of Israel, including Egypt, Israel has built up strong relations with the leadership of those countries.  In Africa, Israel has helped many countries there with technology and human services. 

In addition to technology, Israel also gets credit for countries around the world because of its close relationship with the US.

And, in the two most populous countries in the world, China and India, Israel is an important partner in their progress. Keinon said that when he went to India with the Prime Minister, he was greeted by more than 20,000 Indian cheering Modi, Bibi, Modi, Bibi.

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