AJC Seattle’s Interfaith, Intergroup, and International Community Passover Seder
The annual AJC Seattle Interfaith, Intergroup, and International Community Passover Seder was held on April 4 with over 80 people in attendance from our greater Seattle community. The event is designed to unify the community around the idea of freedom and brings together representatives from different faiths and cultures. The event included consuls general and honorary consuls, along with public officials, religious and community leaders. Rabbi James Mirel, AJC Seattle Board Member, led the Seder along with his wife Julie Mirel and guest Rabbi Sarah Shulman, Director Camp Ramah Northern California.

The Seder offers an opportunity for our community to share in this important Jewish holiday which imparts meaning to our lives today both domestically and globally. It was wonderful having individuals representing many faiths and cultures joining together in celebration and commemoration of our personal or familial journeys to freedom. 

We are grateful to all who were able to join and help with telling the story of Seder. Katalin Pearman, Honorary Consulate of Hungary, Emmanuel Muvunyi, President Rwandan Community Abroad of Washington State, Teresa Indelak Davis, Honorary Consul of Poland, and Victor Lapatinskas, Honorary Consul of Lithuania each read one four questions in their native languages.

Our featured speaker, Dr. Roberto Dondisch, Former Consul General of Mexico, shared his family story about his grandparents fleeing Eastern Europe and immigrating to Mexico and paralleled this to the wider discussion of immigration today. It was an impactful message about freedom—one which many of us can relate to from our personal family histories or view in the broader sense regarding the rich and diverse fabric of our country.

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