In the wake of Charlottesville, VA, AJC Cleveland Regional Director Lee C. Shapiro said in an email, “We mourn the senseless and tragic loss of life this past weekend in Charlottesville and pray for the full recovery of the many injured. The white supremacist hate rally and the act of vehicular terrorism should be condemned unequivocally by elected officials and community leaders.

“The KKK, neo-Nazi and other hate groups that traffic in racism, antisemitism and violence are anathema to the social fabric and values of America. This moment in our history calls out for moral clarity. We thank the members of the Ohio congressional delegation who have issued condemnations and call on all elected leaders – starting with the White House – to denounce and oppose these purveyors of hate.

“AJC Cleveland will join with others in our community, to pray for Charlottesville, and stand united against hatred,” Shapiro said. “We will work hand-in-hand, collaboratively, to advocate for a more just and peaceful society for all.”

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Photo By: Ed Carroll - CJN Photo

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