AJC (American Jewish Committee), the leading global Jewish advocacy organization, is proud to announce that AJC Cincinnati past presidents, Sandy Kaltman and Rick Michelman, accepted national positions within the organization.  On June 2, at the AJC Global Forum in Washington, D.C., Sandy was inducted as a member of the AJC Board of Governors.  She joins Jimmy Miller as the two Board of Governors representing the Cincinnati region.  Rick Michelman was selected to serve a second term on the National Regional Offices Committee.  Members connect the regional offices to the national and international AJC agendas. Both the AJC Board of Governors and the National Regional Offices Committee work diligently on behalf of AJC and provide critical insight and guidance throughout the year.  

Locally, six new Board members were elected to serve on the AJC Cincinnati Board. Nominated to the Board for three-year terms are Martha Dave Brand, Rob Craig, Dallas Guttman, Chuck Kessel, Judy Ribak, and Jeanne Weiland.  Ten current Board members were re-nominated for an additional three-year term, including Shelly Gerson, Brooke Guigui, Mark Heiman, Bill Katz, Fred Melowsky, Rick Michelman, Josh Sands, Seth Schwartz, Julie Weisser, and Trip Wolf. In addition to participating in quarterly meetings, members of the Board engage in outreach and offer strategic guidance, provide input and direction on key AJC policy issues, and lend their expertise to our local and international advocacy work, interfaith and intergroup alliances, and coordinate educational opportunities within our community.

Members of the 2019 AJC Cincinnati Nominating Committee include Rick Michelman, chair, Jim Friedman, Carolyn Gilbert, Brooke Guigui, Phyllis Jackson, and Seth Schwartz.

As one of the 22 U.S. regional offices, 12 overseas posts and 37 international partnerships, AJC Cincinnati connects the local community with AJC’s global advocacy work that enhances the well-being of the Jewish people and Israel. Its access to diplomats, elected officials, and interfaith leaders at the local level advances AJC’s broader global priorities: to combat antisemitism at home and abroad, promote Israel’s place in the world, fight extremism and promote pluralism and democracy.  AJC Cincinnati’s impact extends well beyond the Cincinnati community, helping AJC achieve tangible results in the form of government policies, formidable alliances, and hard-hitting legislation that make our world safer and more secure.

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