On Wednesday, May 9, 2018, AJC Central New Jersey lay leaders and staff, gathered at Cherry Valley Country Club for the Central Annual Dinner which celebrated AJC Central New Jersey’s many accomplishments over the past year, AJC’s work on college campuses and two of our most significant Hillel partners.

Lori Feldstein, AJC Central New Jersey Board President, highlighted the region’s major accomplishments throughout the year. Once again, AJC New Jersey was among the most impactful fundraising regions in the country and our Central region experienced unprecedented growth and support. Some of our programmatic highlights included: our monthly Expert Breakfast series, extraordinary events with the Hindu Jewish Coalition, and hosting Princeton Theological Seminary students on a one-day trip to the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.

Keynote Speaker, Seffi Kogen, AJC’s Director of Campus Affairs, shared his experiences and insights garnered from working with high school and college students to a captivated audience. One of the challenges they face, unlike their parents and grandparents, is that they do not personally remember Israel’s rise to statehood or the challenges she faced over the years before they were born. Seffi taught that today’s students’ ability to advocate for Israel must come from loving Israel the country, rather than being founded in Israel the cause. This means embracing its incredible accomplishments, as well as having a clear-eyed view of its shortcomings, giving students the space and understanding to stand strong for Israel without having to agree with every policy.

AJC New Jersey also recognized its campus partnerships by honoring Hillels on two of New Jersey’s premier campuses—Rutgers and Princeton. Event Co-Chair, Randy Hubert, presented Rutgers Hillel with an award for supporting a thriving, dynamic, and diverse Jewish community serving 6,400 Jewish undergraduate students, the largest contingent at any public university in the country. Accepting the award on behalf of Rutgers Hillel was their Executive Director and AJC Central New Jersey Board Member, Andrew Getraer.  Event Co-Chair, Steven Peskin, presented Marni Blitz, Associate Director, Center for Jewish Life, with an award honoring Princeton Hillel, which connects with over 70% of Jewish students at Princeton and continues the vibrancy of Jewish life on campus. 

AJC New Jersey is extremely grateful to Committee Co-Chairs, Randy and Steven Hubert and Suzanne and Steven Peskin, and the entire event committee for their dedication and ongoing commitment to AJC New Jersey.

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