We are grateful to our generous donors
who have made the
2020 Westchester/Fairfield Jewish Film Series possible!


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Cuddy & Feder LLP
Downtown Investment Advisory
Ganer + Ganer
Stephne and Kerrin Behrend
Froma and Andrew Benerofe
Emily and Richard W. Cohen
Dorian Goldman and Marvin Israelow
Susan and Dr. Elliott Rose
Harriet and Leonard Schleifer
Elisabeth and Gary Schonfeld
Katja Goldman and Michael Sonnenfeldt
Susan and Mark Alcott
Bet Torah
Gail A. Binderman
Herbert Blecker
George Bruckman
Paula Blumenfeld and Joseph Gantz
Debra and Jeffrey Geller
Goetz Fitzpatrick LLP
Ruth S. Greer
Joan Saslow and Ed Klagsbrun
Lynn and Jules Kroll
Donna Levy-Leroy and Richard Leroy
Denise and David Levine
Amy and Frank Linde
Plaza Jewish Community Chapel
Yvonne and Leslie Pollack Foundation, Inc.
Heidi and Richard Rieger
Judy and Steven Rieger
Susan and Glenn Rones
Evelyn and Brian Rosen
Beverly and Michael Rosenbaum
Nina Freedman and Michael Rosenbaum
Linda and Dr. Norton Rosensweig
Deborah and Stephen Schwartz
Susan and Joel Schwartz
Janice and Ira Starr
Judith and Jack Stern

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