Articles by Shira Loewenberg

Jews Must Ensure That Asian Americans Are Heard. We Know The Frustration Of Rising Anxieties Falling On Deaf Ears.
Jews understand that silence at times like these is complacency. We must not be silent. We must not be complacent. American Jews will stand with Asian Americans as we have historically and into the future, not only hoping for but actively seeking a better future for all.
Opting Out of Trade Pacts Endangers US Interests in Asia Pacific
Misguided United States policy will relegate our nation to the sideline when the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) — the multilateral trade agreement spearheaded by China that rivals the now largely defunct Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) — is signed.
Malaysia’s Israel Obsession Must Be Addressed
Malaysia is 4,700 miles away from the Middle East, yet the leadership of this Muslim-majority country in Asia long ago chose sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Malaysia has recognized the “State of Palestine” and hosts a Palestinian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, but refuses to recognize the State of Israel.
10 Years of 26/11: Nations Must Recommit to Eradicating Terror
The Mumbai attacks sent shock waves around the world. But in New York, where our own 9/11 experience had already traumatised us in much the same way that the Mumbai attacks did now, the events of 26/11—as the day became known—were terrible reminders of our own vulnerabilities.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Visits Israel: A Historic Moment in Israel – Philippine Relations
On September 2, Rodrigo Duterte will become the first Philippine president to visit Israel since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1957. The two nations have enjoyed reciprocal support and respect over the last 61 years, but even prior to the formal relationship, it is notable that in 1947, the Philippines was the only Asian nation to vote in favor of UN Resolution 181 that created the State of Israel.
A push for Islamic rule threatens Indonesian democracy
Religion is playing an increasingly pervasive role in Indonesia, threatening its national ideology, a tradition of pluralism, inclusiveness, moderation, and tolerance that is known as Pancasila.
Threats to Indonesia’s Democracy
Religion is playing an increasingly pervasive role, threatening Indonesia’s national ideology, a tradition of pluralism, inclusiveness, moderation, and tolerance that is known as Pancasila. This trend is displayed most dramatically when terrorists strike at churches, but has been manifest in the political realm for some time, and very clearly in the important 2017 Jakarta local election.
Vital U.S. Role in Asia Pacific
President Trump’s recent comments, suggesting some openness to revisiting the decision to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), is potentially good news for U.S. economic and geopolitical interests.
U.S. Loses By Not fully Engaging Asia-Pacific Region
Last month, as President Trump stopped in Da Nang, Vietnam, to participate in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, an announcement was made that underlined just what the United States stands to lose—if it has not lost already—in the Asia Pacific region and at home if we continue on the course the president has set.
TPP Demise Hurts US Interests
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), negotiated under President Obama but scorned by both major candidates to succeed him, was pronounced dead after Election Day.