Translate Hate Glossary: How to Spot Antisemitism

American Jewish Committee (AJC) defined some frequently-used antisemitic words and symbols you may find hiding in plain sight—from the internet to pop culture to help you know it when you see it. Stopping antisemitism starts with understanding it.

American Jewish Committee (AJC) defined some frequently-used antisemitic words and symbols you may find hiding in plain sight—from the internet to pop culture to help you know it when you see it. Stopping antisemitism starts with understanding it.

#TranslateHate Glossary

American Jewish Committee's Translate Hate glossary empowers you to identify, expose, and report antisemitism. Click on the terms below to learn more about how antisemitic tropes, words, and symbols hide in plain sight - from the internet to pop culture. Download the glossary here

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An UNRWA teacher in Jordan posted this cartoon on Facebook showing a Jewish person cutting up and eating a Palestinian child while drinking his blood
blood libel
Tweet reading "in addition to which they pretty have their own economy because Jewish business only do business with other Jews" with " their own economy because Jewish business only do business with other Jews" underlined in red


Photo of graffiti saying "Jews did 9-11 Google: Dancing Israelis"
conspiracy theory
A 2019 cartoon by António Moreira Antunes published in The New York Times’ International edition depicting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu leading a blind former President Trump, wearing a Jewish skullcap.
Facebook post reading "Elite cosmopolitan academics?" Just say "Jews." with Elite cosmopolitan circled in red and Jews underlined in red
cosmopolitan elite


Quoted Facebook message by "antisemitic brain surgeon Med Ali Zarouk"
Photo of a screenshot from Twitter reading: Minister Farrakhan - "I'm not an anti-Semite. I'm anti-Termite" with Termite circled in red
Graphic implying Israel is responsible for claims of American Police brutality and racism
Deadly Exchange


Cartoon depicting the Virgin Mary holding Jesus with a soldier with a Jewish star killing him with the text "Do Not Kill Him Twice"
Graphic displaying the smirking merchant saying "Back to Israel, Jews! Brought to you by your local Stormer Book Club"
dual loyalty
Tweet saying some (((narratives)) are on the way out #Holahoax with (((narrative)) circled in red with the caption referring to Jewish victims of the Holocaust


Piece of a poster from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist group which says "From the River to the Sea"
“From the River to the Sea”
A 2021 BBC debate questioned whether Jews should be considered an ethnic minority. The show’s host is Jewish, as was one guest commentator, while none of the four selected panelists were Jewish.
Tweet saying "Jake Tapper is also half Globalist" with globalist circled in red


In November 2023, a pro-Palestinian group created and shared this map of businesses and organizations in New York City, many which are Jewish owned or led. The title of the map, “Globalize the Intifada,” references the violent uprisings against Israelis from the late 1980s to early 2000s.
“Globalize the Intifada”
Meme of a Hasidic Jewish man on a cellphone with the words "The Goyim Know..."
“The Goyim Know”
Screenshot of white nationalists and far-right protestors chanted 'Jews will not replace us' during the infamous 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA.
Great Replacement


Tweet saying "No jew died in a gas chamber, the holocaust has been happening ever since ww2 and that's the holocaust of Europe. #FACT" with no jew died in a gas chamber circled in red
Holocaust denial / distortion
A post using the word “Holohoax” to imply Jews use the Holocaust as a “guilt-tripping” tactic.


Tweet saying "Did you know that 99% of the world's media is owned by Zionist Illuminati Freemason Jews? Surely you will be unaware of the news, let's find out today, right? #JournalimORFilth""
A post indicating three Jewish lawyers who want President Trump removed are part of “the Jew Coup.”
Jew Coup
Tweet saying "I want to Jew-down Time Warner over my bill but my goyisha genes won't let me bargain and I am too ashamed to ask a Jew to do this for me." with Jew-down circled in red, and goyisha underlined in red with an arrow saying "term for non-Jew"
Jew down


A text from Kanye West to Sean Combs (Puff Daddy or Diddy) implying the rapper and producer is influenced by Jews.
Jewish agents
Graffiti artist Mear One’s “Freedom for Humanity” mural depicting white male capitalists, several who are Jewish (see Jewish features) as the enemy of the good.
Jewish capitalist
A cartoon depicting ‘Marxists’ punching Uncle Sam which has often been used as a code word for Jews and is antisemtic when Jews are blamed for communist oppression
Jewish communist


The 2020 Aalst Carnival theme: “UNESCO: Controlled by the Jews?”
Jewish features
Tweet saying "So why does the #Rothschild family own most of the #weather agencies that came up with the Carbon Footprint concept resulting in trillions of dollars for... oh, the Rothschilds. Surely climate change isn't a scam, that would suggest they're making money from a natural cause.
Jewish figures
Tweet saying "The Ritual Arson Formerly Known as Jewish Lightning" with "Jewish Lightning" circled in red
Jewish lightning


Tweet saying "The Jewish lobby isn't end here they want to destroy more countries Gulf countries are under thread as well as iran, turkey, Pakistan If any of these country doesn't hv strong defence that will be destroy" with "Jewish lobby" circled in red and "they want to destroy more countries" underlined in red
Jewish lobby
An antisemitic meme posted by the former head of the Philadelphia NAACP to Facebook in July 2020, combining the image of the “smirking merchant” with a quote falsely-attributed to Voltaire to imply Jewish power over others.
Jewish power
Tweet saying "Shame on Hollywood Reporter who obviously gave my brother Kareem 30 pieces of silver to cut us down without even a phone call." with "30 pieces of silver" circled in red
Judas/30 pieces of silver


Tweet saying "The real Jewish homeland! #Khazaria" with a graphic saying " "The real Jewish homeland - Khazaria in the caucasus where there was a mass conversion to Judaism in the 8th century" with both references to "Khazaria" circled in red
Graphic saying "K - u in a circle - parve Jewish secret tax on food" with "Secret Tax" underlined in red
kosher tax


A billboard in Hungary portraying a smiling George Soros, who is Jewish, alongside the phrase, “Let’s not let Soros have the last laugh.”
laughing Jew
A symbol of “white pride” including the Nazi swastika and “14/88.”
Nazi symbols
Tweet saying "Zionists, neo-con, deepstate, money-changers, they have many different labels but are the same NWO globalist Cabal. The CIA has been controlled by deepstate for a long time. President Kennedy was killed by them,..." with "NWO" circled in red and by deepstate underlined in red
New World Order


Tweet saying "They're not the real Jews..." with "not the real Jews" underlined in red. With a quote tweet that says "I'm not a racist I like Jews"
“not the real Jews”
The distorted “Pepe the frog” Groyper meme.
Pepe the frog
A YouTube video explaining why Jewish people “are richer.” In addition to being an inaccurate blanket statement, this claim can also quickly turn into the antisemitic trope “Jews are greedy”


Facebook post with a picture of blue rat with a Jewish star over it and blue lines at the top and bottom to resemble the Israeli flag, with the words "The Real Plague"
poisoning the well
Screenshot of the Amazon page for the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" book with a smirking merchant on the cover
Protocols of the Elders of Zion
An antisemitic political cartoon showing the Rothschilds puppeteering philanthropist George Soros, who is further puppeteering U.S. military leaders.
puppet master


Image of a mother pig with Rothschild written in red and underlined, with 6 pigs nursing: 1 with an English flag saying MI6, one saying Mossad ISIS, one saying Al-Qaeda, one with an American flag saying CIA, one with an Israeli flag, one with Boko Haram


A tweet saying "If not stopped, Israel will destroy entire world. Problems caused by Jews: ME instability, Global migrations, Global financial crisis, Worldwide Judicial Corruption, Corrupt Governments, Restricted freedom of speech, Media Control, It will come to; Israel or rest of the world" with caused by Jews underlined in red
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in a speech to his Fatah party’s Revolutionary Council, said, “The truth that we should clarify to the world is that European Jews are not Semites…they have nothing to do with Semitism.”
Two women speaking- one says, 'Israel' isn't a country. No, they are a settler colony. Settler colonialism is a form of colonialism that seeks to replace the native population of the colonized land with a new society of settlers. That is what 'Israel' is Palestine the country they are colonizing.
settler colonialist


A tweet saying, "Jews' growing criticism of #ApartheidIsrael is a wake-up call to Zionists: your slurs will not silence us. @OffLaw"
Tweet saying: "People go upset when I posted this last time, calling it fake and bs. Sources are listed on the image, it's real." With a Twitter card saying, "At the height of American slavery, 78% of slave owners were ethnic jews" with 78% of slave owners were ethnic jews circled in red
slavery / slave trade
Facebook post saying "They burned a big mosque the same day. That's how you get two other groups to hate each other. You attack each of them. This makes each think the other attacked him. I wonder who would want Christians and Muslims to hate each other. Must be someone who will profit from the situation" With a picture of the "smirking merchant" with "evil scheming smile, hooked nose, signifies greed" marked up in red
smirking merchant


A poster by the Columbia University’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter for “Israel Apartheid Week,” featuring the group Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). JVP, an anti-Zionist organization, does not reflect the perspective of the mainstream Jewish community. The poster depicts an IDF soldier with a pointed “bump” that many view as a devil’s horn.
Photo of an Israeli flag, an equals sign, and a swastika with red paint to look like blood
“Zionism is racism”


Tweet saying "Israel will turn the EU from neutral slight syr Palestinians to become full Zio puppet like..." with a quote tweet saying "Add Israel to the EU while you're at it. They wouldn't like to take in the refugee's, of course"
Zionist / “Zio”
Tweet saying, "When we create our own social media networks, if we even allow CNN or BCC on, we will label them with ZOG Affiliated Media." With Zog Affiliated Media underlined
Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG)

Translate Hate added new terms in 2023. This update was generously supported in part by the Iranian American Jewish Federation of New York.

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