Policy Resources

AJC's 2020 policy positions and party platform recommendations

Ahead of the 2020 elections, AJC is releasing policy position statements on a range of issues critical to combating global antisemitism and advancing pluralism, promoting Israel’s security and its place in the community of nations, and countering the spread of radicalism and extremism throughout the world. AJC’s priorities are underpinned by a profound belief that we must work to ensure the strong leadership of the United States in global affairs as the best protection for our nation’s interests, the preservation and promulgation of democratic values and human dignity, and the security of our closest allies.   

PARTY PLATFORM RECOMMENDATION: We respectfully urge the platform drafting committee of each party to incorporate specific language on AJC's priority issues as planks of the Democratic/Republican Party Platform. Click here to read AJC's official testimony to each party's platform committee.

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